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July 2020 Updates

General Group Updates

Website vs DeviantArt

Towards the end of June we opened up admin work to be sent in on our new website.  While there’s still a little bit of dust settling, we are currently fully functional on the website and encourage everyone to start using our forums to process things rather than the group on DA.  

Mostly functions on the forums have been working smoothly and we’re set up to keep your private information private.  Basically we have the forums set up that only you can see your own posts, aside from moderators.  So when you send in breedings, chime checks etc, nobody can snoop on what you’re doing.  We felt that giving members the same level of privacy which was provided on DA was important.  
In addition to keeping the privacy, we also have specific archives for processed threads.  This will help you all find things much easier, should you need them. 

Currently we are still accepting any notes or submissions on DA, though we are prioritizing threads made on our websites forums. 
As DA is currently, we can not maintain things in a reasonable fashion.  We’ve already started losing designs in the Nexus, and there is a lot of worry about other areas suffering in the same way. 
If you haven’t made an account on our forums yet, we encourage you to do so and start sending anything for the group to process there rather than DA, for our sanity and for the sake of us not losing your submissions.  Signing up is quick, easy, and completely painless.   sta.sh

Our forums can be accessed via the “Community” tab above or by clicking this link HERE

Registration Updates

For a long time now, registration images have felt like a bit of an outdated part of HARPG to us and now that we have the website up and running, we’ve found a way to ditch the need for registration images.  
Why should you be required to design your Quirlicorns on the import or foal lines and then draw it again before it can be registered, when we already accept premade linearts for registration, but for some reason just not our official lines.  
The only reason we could hold on to until now to keep Registration images was because breedings need to be updated by the owners.  A quick fix to that would have been adding breeding slot logs that members can add who can use which slot to and having us simply work off of those.  However, we were already struggling with the spam filter with the regular logs and actually ended up making less log comments in and effort to not run into the spam filter so often.  As such, adding the breeding slots into the log was unfortunately out of the question.  
Now that we have the website up and running, we have no need to continue using DA for logs,  we can officially ditch the need for registration images.  

This means things will change in the design approval stage a little bit.  
We’ll now require name, gender, and breeding slots to be filled out (standard 1. Open 2. Closed, etc is perfectly fine, we just need the slots listed for easy editing)

Registration will happen once your characters are added to our forum, like HERE
We have a thread set up HERE where you can have us update/change breeding slots or add a personality to one of your horses, or link to an image of what they should look like.  

Have existing Quirlicorns that aren't registered yet?

If you have Quirlicorns that aren’t registered yet and you’d rather skip the registration image and move to the new system,  you can request to bypass the registration image HERE

Simply follow the template in the forum on how to convert your Quirlicorns.  

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