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April 2021 Updates

General Group Updates

Current Events

Joust Pas d’Armes:

April Joust Pas d’Armes is running as usual.  Please be sure to sign up on or before April 5th if you wish to participate in the Joust Pas d’Armes this month.  You can find the link for signing up HERE

Spring Equinox:

The temperatures have finally started to warm a little and Haukea’s frozen tundra has slowly started to thaw.  Snowball fights and ice skating have all come to an end as the Quirliverse welcomes spring with open arms.  

Most years the coming of spring is less eventful and the lands fertility is more apparent.  With Haukea’s snow stunt over the winter solstice however, Quirlicorns experienced more snow than usual for the season.  More snow naturally meant longer thaw times, and even a little bit of flooding.  

Knowing that he had his work cut out for him to usher in the new season, Frysil didn’t hesitate to enlist a helper.  
Udelia often came to visit him, and she always seemed enthusiastic about any suggestions given to her.  Clearly she was the perfect candidate to rally the troops and get spring sprung! …   Read more here.

Upcoming Events

Quirlicorn Easter Egg Hunt (April 4th) 

Each spring Quirlicorns holds an easter egg hunt where people may participate by finding eggs and winning prizes.  
Eggs are hidden all around the breed, often using designs directly from the Quirlicorn breed.  If you own a popular Quirlicorn, you may see it pop up as an egg in this event.  
This is an easy going event where people can egg hunt as their schedule allows.  There’s no pressure to participate, nor is there pressure to ensure all eggs are found.  The goal is to have fun while exploring the breed.  

Quirlicorn Of The Month Page

We’ve opted to update the layout of our Quirlicorn Of The Month page to make it shorter, therefore easier to see which Quirlicorns have gotten it.  
Since it’s often hard to get quotes, we’ve phased them out as a part of each QOTM post, instead we’ll focus on quality quotes which will be displayed together with other QOTM recipients.  

For the time being you can still find previous quotes at the bottom of the page.  If you’d like to save any of them please be sure to do so soon.  We’ll be removing them from the website in the coming weeks.  

April Incentive - Bunnies

Happy April everyone, Spring is in the air! This month rabbits seem to be gathering around the Sacred Dew Tree. Aside from them laying some colorful eggs, it appears as though the Sacred Dew Tree has used its magic once more so that that Quirlicorns imported or bred this month may have rabbit ears and/or tails. If you’re feeling a little bit crazy, you may also allow bred or imported Quirlicorns from this month to lay colorful eggs, celebrating Spring in style, or something like that.

April Quirlicorn Of The Month


Eydis is a well known and well developed character, with a coat that is reminiscent of easter time.  It’s with great pleasure that we award April 2021 Quirlicorn of The Month to her. 

Change Log


  • Updated February 2020 incentive to explain where on the website to use Cupids Arrows
  • RebeccaM-Art has been brought on to help with Quirlicorn Design approval


  • Minor rewording of Color Blossom Dew to make it more clear that it can be used for Mutation genes
  • Stray Center updated with new Starters
  • Updated Guardian Page to link to the correct forum to remove curses
  • Activities Page updated
  • Quirlicorn Of The Month Page updated

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