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March 2021 Updates

General Group Updates

Current Events

Joust Pas d’Armes:

February Joust Pas d’Armes is running as usual.  Please be sure to sign up on or before March 5th if you wish to participate in the Joust Pas d’Armes this month.  You can find the link for signing up HERE

Upcoming Events

  • Spring Equinox is coming up on March 20th, keep an eye out for our post on the 20th. 
  • Easter is also just around the corner, so our annual easter egg hunt will be happening at the beginning of April.

March Incentive - Stones and Bones

New month, new incentive! This month is a little bit different than we’ve been doing. We’re not entirely sure how or why, but Quirlicorns bred or imported during the month of November may have glass or gemstone bones, horns, and hooves. These may present as transparent like simple glass, or any other type of transparency (or lack thereof) your choice of gemstone would give. Depending on the type of gemstone or glass chosen, these Quirlicorns may have fragile or very sturdy bones (glass is more easily broken, etc).

March Quirlicorn Of The Month

13 – Wonder

Wonder is one of the first handful of Quirlicorns to have existed, as such one of our longest standing characters, and likely the most active long term character.  We want to take the time to show some appreciation to Wonder who truly is a wonder.  

Change Log


  • Added new Foal ID tab to Registry
  • Notes in registry were removed to help shorten the length of tabs there


  • Updated July 2018 Incentive to allow Quirlicorns with this incentive to have Fire Immunity Magic
  • Anomalies page was renamed to Mutations to cut back on confusion

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