August 2021 Updates

General Group Updates

Current Events

Have you ever wanted to have unicorns with awesome hair, swirly horns, and amazing colors?  Look no further because Quirlicorns is the group for you!  With an awesome community who encourages having a lot of freedom and creativity (as well as hoarding) there is a place for everyone in the Quirlicorn community.  Join us and start your hoard er herd today! 

In Quirlicorns, the only requirement is being nice and having fun! This MYO event is the perfect gateway into starting the breed. Our community is always willing to answer any questions you have, as well as bounce ideas around to help you create the Quirlicorn of your dreams! Do you like Art? Lets draw some Quirlicorns! Do you prefer to write? The Quirlicorn world is waiting to be explored! Want to be overly hyped up about any Quirlicorn related creation you share? Boy do we got you, we are overly excited cheerleaders 99% of the time (and the other 1% we might just be sleeping).

Do you want your Quirlicorn to be an awesome element wielding badass? Check out our Regional Magics page! Do you like being rewarded for your work? Check out our Chimes page! Put those together and what do you get? Magics unlocked by leveling! Want to earn levels even faster? Don’t forget about all the fun events you can do through the month! Each one gives unique bonuses that can help create that overly powerful world-conquering beast (or yanno, a pleasant flower garden tending lil sweetie, of course).  

Read more HERE

Joust Pas d’Armes:
August Joust Pas d’Armes is running as usual.  Please be sure to sign up on or before August 5th if you wish to participate in the Joust Pas d’Armes this month.  You can find the link for signing up HERE

Rearranged Forum

For any of our very active members who log in regularly, you’ve probably noticed that the forums have been rearranged.  
Originally when we first set up the forums we were very much transitioning from DeviantArt to them and in an attempt to make that transition as smooth and painless as possible, all forums that used to be easily handled on DeviantArt by sending in a note, were placed at the top.  

It’s been well over a year since our transition and it’s safe to say members are pretty comfortable using the forums with little to no problems.  While the forums seem quite active to us admins who can see all the threads, they likely feel a bit desolate to members.  
Forums meant to help encourage community interaction have went mostly unused unfortunately.  In an effort to give those forums a bit more spotlight we opted to move them further to the top (where we would have originally placed them if the transition from DeviantArt to the forums wouldn’t have been a factor).  

Our Help and Suggestions section (formerly Resources) has been placed at the very top.  Directly below we have our ongoing events, followed by World Building.  

Despite there being a learning curve in getting used to the new layout of the forums, we hope that this will be a positive change in the long term and we’ll start seeing a bit more activity where it was previously lacking.  

World Building Forums

After moving to our own website from DeviantArt, the community became a bit fragmented and it’s been difficult to keep up with everyone’s art.  
Many of our members no longer submit to DeviantArt now that we no longer require it, so there’s no central place for all Quirlicorn art to go.  
We’ve opened up the World Building Forums to your art in hopes we’ll all start seeing more of each others art again.  

Currently it’s set up for art to be posted in the region specific forums, however, we do intend on adding an additional forum there in the coming days for more generalized art or stories which don’t necessarily fit into a specific region.  
Please feel free to utilize the forums to share your art and stories!  We’d definitely like to see what everyone’s Quirlicorns are up to, and we think this might be a good alternative to how things were on DA.  


We’ve been a pretty laid back and chill place for many years, never implementing much for actual rules especially in our Discord server or forums.  We’ve recently updated our server to be a community server and those require rules.  
Nothing is really changing even with the rules, just that the common sense rules everyone has been following so far have a place to live and be read by anyone.  
We’ve also added general rules to our forums.  In forums where we can sticky threads that can be seen by everyone, we’ve added these rules as a sticky.  

August Incentive - Regional Magic

Anevay’s chaotic Summer Solstice event has definitely disrupted and confused magic a bit in the Quirliverse.  For the month of August the Sacred Dew Tree will be offering each Custom or Foal one regional magic of choice.  The magic chosen from this months incentive does not have to be from the Quirlicorns own region.  Astral region magics are exempt from this incentive however.
Magic should be chosen at the time of design approval.  Simply add a note of which magic you are choosing for your Quirlicorn to go with this months incentive.

August Quirlicorn Of The Month

485 – Roseart

Roseart is another of our retired Group Horses who has blossomed in her new home.  Roseart has integrated into our community more in retirement than she had as an active Group Horse.  She can be found participating in various official events as well as randomly popping up in our Discord server.  It is with great pleasure that we bestow Quirlicorn of the Month to Roseart for August 2021. 

Change Log


  • Rearranged Forums
  • Added General Rules to Forums
  • Added Regional Forum Overviews to Regional forums

Admin Team

  • Gr8ves has stepped down from the admin team (please give her love for all of her contributions)


  • Group Horse Ghost officially retired
  • Group Horse Daze officially retired
  • Personality for Group Horse Snake Eyes was added
  • Updated Discord Server to be a Community Server
  • Added Rules to Discord Server
  • Added MYO IDs to the Registry


  • Updated the Swamp Regional Transformation to include plant growth (this had always been a thing, was simply missing from the info on the site)
  • Updated Stray Center with new Strays
  • Updated Map
  • Updated Starter/Import lines on website 
  • Added a few extra variations of Starter/Import lines in png form

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