September 2021 Updates

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Current Events

Joust Pas d’Armes:

September Joust Pas d’Armes is running as usual.  Please be sure to sign up on or before September 5th if you wish to participate in the Joust Pas d’Armes this month.  You can find the link for signing up HERE

Fall Equinox:

TBA September 22nd

Erythrism RNG Trait

In August we added Erythrism as an RNG trait to the breed.  Similar to Albinism or Melanism, Erythrism creates red or pink tones.  We felt it would be a fun addition to the breed, especially since it works similarly to Albinism and Melanism.  

Group Horse Update

Group horses have been part of the breed for a long time now.  Over the years they unfortunately haven’t had much significant meaning beyond being able to be leased for events or being bred to.  We’d often see Group Horses retire before getting any real love from the community, so we’ve been looking at various ways to make Group Horses a little more special.  
Over the past few months we’ve slowly been adding in personalities as well as regional transformations for Group Horses.  We’ve also been picking Group Horses to be part of the official lore of Equinox and Solstice events which has been a fun way of integrating them into the breed a bit further.  
Moving forward we’re going to be fleshing group horses and their general lore out a bit more.  We plan on adding magics to them as well.  These will be magics that the Group Horses have access to while in service as Group Horses, and then upon retirement most of the magic will be returned along with access to the regional transformation they had. 
Once rehomed, Group Horses will be eligible to retain one or two of the magics.  Returned magics will need to be unlocked again by the new owner via chime updates etc however.  If the new owner opts to choose different magics or regional transformation, that is perfectly acceptable.  This is essentially our way of giving the new owners options to decide what path their retired Group Horse takes, since Phoenix Touch isn’t available to them.  

Expect to see a new way for rehoming retired Group Horses in the near future as well.  

Group Horse Slots and Dews of Choice

We’ve opted to stop differentiating between natural and mutation group horse slots, instead if you win or earn a slot to a group horse, you can choose the slot you want without being confined to mutation or natural options.  All such slots in your bank have also been updated to reflect this. 

Along those same lines, we’ve gotten rid of the various different types of Dews of Choice.  Instead of Lesser, Greater, or Cursed Dew of Choice, you will now simply be given a Dew of Choice.  Again, your banks have been updated to reflect this change.  

September Incentive - Seasonal Shifts

With summer coming to an end the Sacred Dew Tree is blessing new Quirlicorns for the month of September 202 the option to have both winter and summer coats.  One coat for the summer and one coat for the winter, much like polar animals. Quirlicorns with this incentive may have 2 different coats which may have two different colors (one for each seasonal coat).  Markings should remain the same for either seasons coat however, extensions of markings are allowed (think of polar animals having more white in the winter or having minimal appaloosa in one coat and max appaloosa in the other).  These coats must still match their genotype and type of quirlicorn.

September Quirlicorn Of The Month

829 – Zealin

Zealin started as a stray and has clearly settled into her new home where she’s been getting much love and appreciation. She’s a well developed character with lots of literature to explore her adventures and she’s moved up the Chime ranks very quickly. You can find her participating in Jousts and Land Quests regularly.  Congrats to Zealin for being September 2021’s Quirlicorn Of The Month. 

Change Log


  • Updated Design Nexus Submission Forms to include Dew or Token used
  • Updated Breeding archives to close commenting
  • Fixed issue with permissions not allowing members to see their threads in the Log Archive forum
  • Updated forms in the Customs/Importing Forum to include a template for Mystery Box Customs
  • Added Payment method to Dew and Mystery Box forms in the Importing forum

Admin Team

  • Gr8ves stepped down as an admin 


  • Added Erythrism as an RNG trait
  • Group horse Bedtime Story officially retired
  • Group horses Oscar, Enya, and Hocus Pocus added
  • Personalities added to Group Horses Cotton Candy Skies, Aria, Zodiac Carousel, Kestrel, Hey Now, Hocus Pocus, Oscar, Fluffy, Halo, Scribble, Enya, and Woody
  • Added new prompts for Phoenix Touch quests
  • Updated rollers and bank to fix all group horse slots


  • Updated Posts categories so we can utilize more posts on the site in an effort to prevent event pages from getting too long
  • Updated Quirlicorn Joust page; removed section about selecting any magic you want for Group horses being used in entries.
  • Updated Quirlicorn Joust page’s outdated information in regards to how and where to submit
  • Updated Quirlicorn Joust page’s wording in regards to adding multiple Quirlicons in entries, to be more clear 
  • Set outdated Resources page to private
  • Sacred Spiral cash out updated to allow extra breeding slots to any Quirlicorn, not restricting to natural or mutation anymore
  • Fixed Quasar interaction on the Aura mutation to correct interaction

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