Winter Solstice 2020

It was the night before the solstice.  The year had been long with all its ups but mostly downs or what have you.  Most have felt exhausted trying to make it through without throwing in the towel.  You gotta’ just keep on going, right?  This was the theme of 2020 and the Quirliverse was certainly no exception.  Even with magic, this year was rough.  That weird plague mutation was even discovered.  Some theorized that it came about from the virus that was plaguing the world that year, though nobody knows for sure.  
Regardless, a magical peak was right in front of everyone.  The winter solstice was a much loved and well celebrated event to Quirlicorns across the globe.  The celebration and shift in daylight to come.  The magical boost was simply a bonus to make celebrating the Solstice a bit more fun.  

After such a rough year it was unclear how many would even be interested in celebrating.  Would a boost in magic be enough to lift the spirits of those who have been feeling defeated over these last few months?  Haukea wasn’t certain she’d get to experience the cheer seen in years past, if she didn’t find a way to lighten the mood.  Being directly involved with others isn’t within her comfort-zone, so anything involving that was automatically vetoed by her sense of preservation.  “There has to be something I can do to bring some joy to everyone.” She thought to herself.  

Stuck in thought, it took a few minutes before Haukea noticed the sound nearby.  Pitter patters accompanied by scuttling and the occasional squeal or screech.  At the waters edge Mirage stood, dipping his tail into the water, creating small balls of slush, which he would then pass to the foals.  

Makeshift snowballs!  The foals were having a slushball fight.  

“That’s it!”  Haukea exclaimed.  Mirage and the foals looked in the direction the shout came from, but nobody was there to be seen.  “Let’s wrap things up and get you back home to your parents.” Mirage knew all too well that these were Haukea’s stomping grounds.  He felt it was best not to disturb her so close to the solstice, sensing it was her that they had just heard.  He helped the foals get ready and then they left.  

Once night fell, Haukea went to work.  She knew exactly how she could save the Solstice, filling it with cheer and joy.  Haukea chuckled to herself as she worked because she felt like she could easily be compared to Santa.  “I’ll never get that fat though, all of my swimming keeps me fit! Unless the foals bring me cookies?” 

Night fell and in the stillness the only thing that could be heard was Haukea’s quiet breathing and a gentle softness blanketing the world.  Everything was peaceful and calm, just the kind of renewed energy that was needed for the solstice to be a success.  

As morning came, the land was blanketed in heavy snow. The kind that is great for building snowequines or having snowball fights.  In the sunlight it glistened and glittered, such a beautiful sight.  Among the sea of white you could easily see a bit of red.  Upon closer inspection, Haukea had clearly fallen asleep after working so hard, and it appears as though she’s wearing a Santa hat.  

For this Solstice event, Haukea wants everyone to enjoy the magic, snow, and find their inner child with a good snowball fight.  Shake off the stress of this year and look forward to refreshing your spirits for a new year to come.  

All Entries that include Haukea will also receive Haukea’s Gift “Regional Transformation”.  Regional Transformation magic is pretty straight forward in that it allows the Quirlicorn with this magic to affect and bring out the Regional Transformations of the Quirlicorns near them.  

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