Fall Equinox 2021

Theme: Zombie Apocalypse

On the eve of the Equinox Aberfa curled up tightly in her favorite sleeping spot, eagerly awaiting the celebrations to come the following day. When she went to sleep that night, she expected pleasant dreams of milder temperatures, leaves changing colors, and pumpkin carvings.
With the Equinox being a major celebration in the Quirliverse anything but ringing it in on a pleasant note was unacceptable.
Unfortunately for her, the dreams that visited Aberfa that night could be described in many ways, but positive was not one of them. She spent the night tossing and turning, with what looked to be a concerned look on her face. This definitely wasn’t the relaxed sleep she had anticipated.
When morning sun gently kissed the large mare’s face, her eyes shot open as if something had startled her. “It’s coming!” she exclaimed while pushing herself up on her hooves. “We need to be ready.”
Determined, she spread her enormous wings and took to the sky in search of one of her trusted underlings.

The Quirliverse was silent aside from the swish of Aberfa’s wings. Her shadow traveled along the mountainsides as she flew past. Below creatures big and small were slowly starting their day, no doubt thinking Aberfa was getting an early start ringing in the Equinox.  Little did they know, things were quite awry and Aberfa was frantic in trying to find the right help.

Aberfa’s wings, spread wide, allowing her to glide to a gentle descent.  Harsh landings simply weren’t her style, even if things seemed dire.  

“Valentine!”  “Get up, I need your help with something.”  Aberfa nudged the sleeping stallion with her hoof. “I know you can hear me, now get up already!”.  

Valentine let out a grumble and reluctantly cracked just one eye open.  “Come back tomorrow, I’m not interested in celebrations.” He turned his head away and pulled one of his wings over it to block out the light. 
Aberfa cocked an eyebrow and gave the grumpy stallion a swift kick to the ass.  “I told you, I need your help with something, now get up before I take away your ability to sleep completely!” 

Valentine begrudgingly got himself upright and dusted off the hoof print on his butt.  “You didn’t have to kick me, that was really rude.”  he mumbled. 

“So, what exactly do you need my help with?” Aberfa had his full attention now. 
“The Zombie Apocalypse is coming, I need you to get everyone prepared for battle.”  “If you know how to make any anti zombie potions, be sure to get on that too.”  

Valentine paused before giving Aberfa some serious side-eye.  “You can’t be serious, we may live in a land of magic but zombies aren’t a thing here.”  

“Don’t look at me like that, you know I wouldn’t come to you with something like this if it weren’t true.”  “I had a dream last night, everyone I knew turned into zombies.”  “The land was decaying too.”  Aberfa lowered her voice to something just above a whisper “Given that I had this dream on the eve of the Equinox, I believe it’s a prophetic dream.”  She closed her eyes and let out a sigh.  “Something is very wrong in the Quirliverse and we need to stop it!”  

Valentine took a moment to consider the information presented to him.  Certainly Aberfa was being truthful about not making this up, no matter how absurd it sounded. If this was indeed a prophetic dream, it would be important to put as many provisions in place to protect ourselves from turning into zombies.  There was no doubt in his mind that he’d be on board to help anyway he could.  

“Okay, I’ll help, but you owe me for this!” he grumbled grumpily.  

Aberfa smiled “I knew I could count on you!” 

Together they worked on preparations on how to best spread the word and teach everyone how to make anti zombie potions.  If the Zombie Apocalypse was coming, Quirlicorns would be ready!

All Entries that include Aberfa or Valentine will also receive Aberfa’s Gift “Anti Zombie”.  sta.sh

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