Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag...

Welcome to this special event, which is intended to drive our breeds lore further.  This means that actions in this event will be a vital part of a larger Quirlicorn story arc.  While we will guide you through the general storyline, your individual groups get to decide how we get to the conclusion. 
As a thank you for completing the event, we’ll also be rewarding your entered Quirlicorn with something that will not be available outside of this event.  

This event will run from January 10th through February 13th.  There will be a total of 3 prompts to participate in during that time, and we ask that you are able to complete each of them if you sign up for this event.  Each prompt entry should be a value of 2 Chimes minimum.  That means 500 words for literature, or full body line art for visual pieces.  We’re going with this smaller Chime value in order to allow you to be able to complete all three prompts without issues.  

All participants will be grouped into a region.  Each region will get it’s own prompt information and members of that region will need to work together with their group to decide how their Quirlicorns will handle the situation.  Members will submit individual pieces based on what their group decided should happen. 

10 days are given for each prompt. The first 2 days should be used to work with your group to decide how each of your individual Quirlicorns will handle the situation.  Groups will need to keep track of which Quirlicorn will be doing what.  After the 2nd day, your group will need to submit the actions (not the art) for that prompt. 


Prompt: This week has been very rainy, what will you do to combat all the added water in the region?

If a group member hasn’t participated in how their Quirlicorn will respond to the prompt within the allotted 3 days, they will not be eligible to participate in that leg of the event.  Members who don’t complete their prompts on time will also not be eligible for the special rewards.  

Prompt overviews are required to be submitted by the end of day 3 so that we can start working out the following prompt (and conclusion for the event wrap up)


Prompt 1
Prompt 2
Prompt 3

Storyline Intro:

With the Winter Solstice working out smoothly, the new calmness in the Quirliverse appeared to be something that would hang on for at least a while yet. 
The Deities were all gathered to discuss the improved state of the world.  Everyone seemed to be pleased in some shape form or fashion, except maybe Anevay who had been enjoying a bit of chaos.  

“Maybe we’ll start having chaos again soon.” Anevay trotted up beside Jagmeet to tease him.  
“Shut your filthy mouth with that chaos nonsense.”  Jagmeet took a brief pause to compose himself again. 

“I think we’ve had more than enough of that to last for a short lifetime.” “Let’s just enjoy the calmness of things for a little bit, please.” 
The back and forth between the two deities didn’t last long as Anevay was quick to realize she’d overstepped her bounds with her teasing.  
“It’s okay Jagmeet, we’ll enjoy the calm while we can.” “I’ll also promise not to create any chaos for a while.” Anevay smiled at her friend who returned a small nod of acknowledgement towards her.  

All was well in the Quirliverse and it seemed nothing could break that spirit.  
None the less some of the Deities felt it was in everyone’s best interest to err on the side of caution and create small groups of Quirlicorns to help ensure things are as they should be. The Deities decided to once again send out messengers, searching for volunteers in each of the regions.  In exchange for help, they will award the volunteers with special items or magics.   

Event Requirements:

Sign Me Up!

If you think this is the kind of adventure one of your Quirlicorns is ready to go on to be part of permanent Quirlicorn lore, 
you can sign them up at the link below

Your Contributions Here:

Plains Region:

Prompt 1: Investigate why the plains region has become windy
Prompt 2: TBA
Prompt 3: TBA

Icy Region:

Prompt 1:  Discover the source of humidity in the icy region
Prompt 2: TBA
Prompt 3: TBA

Desert Region:

Mountain Region:

Prompt 1:  Investigate the sand dunes in the mountains
Prompt 2: TBA
Prompt 3: TBA

Swamp Region:

Prompt 1: Investigate the frozen area of the swamp
Prompt 2: TBA
Prompt 3: TBA

Windy Region:

Prompt 1:  Find out where the windy regions wind has went
Prompt 2: TBA
Prompt 3: TBA

Windy Region:

Prompt 1:  Find out where the windy regions wind has went
Prompt 2: TBA
Prompt 3: TBA

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