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L017, L041, L113 - Radiance's Icy Triad

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L017 L041 L113 | Icy Region

[Image: RadianceLandMapPNG.png]

Google Sheets | Google Docs

What does it look like?
- Snow covered landscape, with nothing but snow and low shrubbery. Some evergreen forests, that are teeming with arctic wildlife. 
- The Holy City on Cadentia is quite magical in appearance, with fairy magic maintaining a small paradise in the middle of the icy island. Rather magnificent in appearance, with what resembles traditional chinese architecture. 

What blessings or curses does it have?
L017 Aktinovolia: Hot Spring, Magic Well, Bountiful Rain, Fish || Flash Flood
L113 Cadentia: Holy Land, n/a
L041 Amica Porta: Body of Water || Drought

Are visitors welcome?
- Always welcome, just be sure to take the fairy rings from Amica Porta, instead of trying to fly over the ocean. Hai is not a fan of having to stalk visitors to prevent anything disastrous happening.
- That said, the fairies [and Hai] are quite good at figuring out who has good/bad intentions. Anyone with bad intentions tends to get yeeted to a volcano by the fairies, or facing the wrath of Hai. 
- But please come visit, Radiance always loves visitors. 
- But first one must go from Amica Porta to Cadentia, before going to Aktinovolia. Frequent visitors and close friends/family might get directly brought to Aktinovolia by the fairies though. 

Are there any awesome spots that visitors should check out?
- Plenty, Minuet especially recommends puffin watching and the Rainbow Caves.
- Radiance is always willing to give suggestions

- Also, please come and check out Lake Ignotus, no one know's what lives in its waters, but its fun guessing

How about any dangerous areas they should be cautious about?
- Don't get skewered by a narwhal. [tip by Noxaeterna]
- Be careful in Southern Forest A, there's a bunch of abandoned fairy rings that still have just enough magic to teleport one to the randomest of locations. (including oceans)
- Be careful around the orcas.
- Make sure to stay on the marked paths in the Rainbow Caves, bring a map and a buddy. Radiance has been slowly mapping out the extensive caves, but there's still plenty she still hasn't covered

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