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Aedrielle Online

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Alrighty! So I got some kiddos, and some open breeding slots to them. I'm looking to either trade slot for slot, or they are open for art!

Quirl Masterlist - Anyone without a log linked are pending design/upload.

Those with Red Boxes in the first column(the one with my running number count lol) either do not have slots open left or are not currently available. 
In general art wise, I'm looking for a fullbody to a fullbody with background & familiar (if applicable) for a slot depending on mutation amount. For slot trades, its a bit more flexible.

These kiddos also have a bunch of inherited chimes running thru their lines so feel free to ask if they pass on any chimes as well!

Feel free to DM me here or on discord (Freydis#4514) if interested! Thanks!

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LovellaTorendo Offline

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If you are still doing slot trades, and if you like my one and only boy 839 Erlian then I would love to do a slot trade to 837 Rouen.

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