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Understanding Your Quirls Lineage

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If you have bred a foal, or adopted a foal, then congratulations! Your foal has a lineage. It may only be parents, or it may be generations long, but any foal design will have in some shape or form a lineage to back it up. In the most basic terms, this is useful for keeping track of what ID numbers your foal is related to, and seeing if they are eligible to breed to another Quirlicorn (Inbreeding (breeding Quirlicorn's related in the lineage chart shown on their log) is not allowed in Quirlicorns). 

So how does this lineage chart work? 

On the Log

If you are looking at an accepted design's log in the Official Foal Designs Log section of the forum, you will see a helpful section called "Lineage". It goes back three generations, showing the Parents, Grandparents, and Great Grandparents of the foal. 

Let's use 1944 Sidra for an example. If you look at her lineage, you will see she has a nice mix of Foals, Starters, and Imports, as well as some sections listed as 'Unknown'. I've copied the lineage over below as well, with a few more annotations.

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown (Paternal Great Grandfather - Grandfathers side) 
----------------- SS: 336 (Paternal Grandfather)
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown (Paternal Great Grandmother - Grandfathers side) 
Sire: 1689  (The Father) 
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown (Paternal Great Grandfather - Grandmothers side)
----------------- SD: 122 (Paternal Grandmother) 
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown (Paternal Great Grandmother - Grandmothers side) 

------------------------------------------ DSS: Y467 (Maternal Great Grandfather - Grandfathers side)
----------------- DS: 1766 (Maternal Grandfather) 
------------------------------------------ DSD: 388 (Maternal Great Grandmother - Grandfathers side)
Dam: 1785 (Mother)
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown (Maternal Great Grandfather - Grandmothers side)
----------------- DD: I116 (Maternal Grandmother)
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown (Maternal Great Grandmother - Grandmothers side) 

(Blank Version of the Lineage Chart with descriptions for each bracket found here! - Sta.sh Link)

If you are more used to the traditional lineage chart, here is how it would look translated:

Starters and Imports (i###, see i116) are Quirlicorns who do not have parentage. In this example, 336 and 122 are Starters, and i116 is an Import. Because they do not have parentage, their parents are listed as "Unknown".

When Submitting a Design

Foal Design & Submission Tutorial - Lineage is covered in this Tutorial, but I will break it down further below!

When submitting your design, one of the requirements are that you include the lineage for your foal. Since we used 1944 Sidra as an example above, we will use her again with 1945 Sulien as an example of filling this out. 

Looking at Sulien's Log (the sire), we can see he has a very simple lineage. He has Starters for parents, so the Sire side of the lineage for the foal would look like this: 

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: 312
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: 1945 
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: 422
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

So Sulien would become the sire, and his parents would become the Sire's Sire (SS) and Sire's Dam (SD). Since both the SS & SD are Starters, the great grandparents would be left as "Unknown".

Sidra is a bit more involved! When filling out her lineage, it would look like this: 

------------------------------------------ DSS: 336
----------------- DS: 1689
------------------------------------------ DSD: 122
Dam: 1944
------------------------------------------ DDS: 1766
----------------- DD: 1785
------------------------------------------ DDD: i116

As you can see, now that Sidra has moved into the dam slot, the lineage shifts by one compared to her own. Since only 3 generations are required to be shown, her own great grandparents are no longer listed. 
So a foal from Sidra and Sulien would have the following lineage when posted to the Design Nexus:

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: 312
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: 1945 
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: 422
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: 336
----------------- DS: 1689
------------------------------------------ DSD: 122
Dam: 1944
------------------------------------------ DDS: 1766
----------------- DD: 1785
------------------------------------------ DDD: i116

Don't forget to check and double check that the ID's for lineage are in the correct spots. It is a lot to keep track of especially when all generations are filled out. I'd suggest doing each parent individually instead of trying to fill out both at once - Start with one parent, double check them, then move on to the next! It's always worth the time to go through and ensure your information is correct - if there are any mistakes that need fixed it can delay your design acceptance, which means it may take more time before you get to enjoy your new foal!

Lineage for Breeding

Breeding requires two unrelated Quirlicorns, which means they cannot share the same heritage visible within their lineage grid. If the same Quirlicorn appears in both the sire and dam's lineage grids, they are too closely related and breeding the pair would result in inbreeding, which is not allowed within the Quirlicorn breed. 

But what if they have a relation further back than the lineage grid shows? 
If you happen to notice that the pair you wish to breed is related further back than the Lineage grid, it would be considered "Linebreeding". As long as it is not listed in the three generations of Quirls in your lineage grid, it is allowed! It is not required you keep track of further than the lineage grid so you don't always know if you are linebreeding, which is completely ok!


While Lineage can seem confusing, hopefully this guide made it a little less so! Once you understand the abbreviations and the "what goes where", filling them out can be a breeze, especially since the logs have them so nicely listed for you! 

Go forth, breed some Quirls, and have big happy families! 

[Image: Nightime_Banner_Sidra_and_Sulien.gif]

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