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[Image: 533_by_quirlicornadmin_ddnerxl-fullview....qG6_i04YAM]
Previous Design

Owner: Quirlicorns

ID: 533
Name: FloatyBoat
Gender: Stallion
Breed:Modern Quirlicorn
Color: Red Roan Overo Aura 
Genos: ee A+A nR OO AurAur
Region: All Regions
Follower of @Haukea

Personality:  FloatyBoat is laid back and a bit of a space case.  Pinning his attention down can be troublesome even on a good day.  When you do have his attention he's very kind and caring though.  FloatyBoat isn't the best at reading the room and may interrupt others or change subjects without realizing it's a bit insensitive.  Thankfully he's quick to apologize and never means any malice by it.  FloatyBoat doesn't have a mean bone in his body even if he can be a bit frustrating to deal with from time to time.  

Dews & Tokens:  

1st Magic: 
2nd Magic: 
3rd Magic: 
Astral Magic: 
Regional Magic: 
Group Horse Magic: Endurance, Water Breathing, Water Generation, Shapeshifting, Cyclone Generation
Other Magic: 

Small Familiar: 
Large Familiar: 

Land Owned: 

Monthly Incentive: December 2019

Phoenix Touch: 

Lineage: Starter

Breeding Slots:

1. @Nemenos || 1941
2. @baylili00 || 2090
3. @xxGaea || 2158 & 2161
5. @Aedrielle || 2422 + 2423 + 2424 + 2425

Slots Added Via Cupid's Arrows
1. @LovellaTorendo 965 - 2329

Breed © Astralseed
Design © Astralseed 

[Image: 43946337_3JMdherxG8QKHQs.gif]

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