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Thank you to everyone who participated!  Everyone had fantastic entries!  
All winnings will be added to your banks momentarily <3

1st place: 
@Gr8ves with https://www.deviantart.com/gr8ves/art/Th...-850684249
1 Plot of land to winning Quirlicorn  (ID# L094) 
1 Guardian (Companion) to winning Quirlicorn   (ID# C056) 
1 Token of Choice
5 Novas
1 Gold Booty Box
20 Chimes
100 Spirals

2nd Place: 
@Aedrielle with https://toyhou.se/~literature/51371.strange-magic
1 Plot of land to winning Quirlicorn   (ID# L095)   
1 Guardian (Companion) to winning Quirlicorn   (ID# C057) 
1 Token of Choice
5 Novas
1 Silver Booty Box
10 Chimes
50 Spirals

3rd Place: 
@ScarletKittyCat with https://toyhou.se/7043932.1791-hearts-bo...s#25029348
1 Plot of land to winning Quirlicorn   (ID# L096)   
1 Guardian (Companion) to winning Quirlicorn   (ID# C058) 
1 Token of Choice
5 Novas
1 Bronze Booty Box
5 Chimes
30 Spirals

All Participants:
1 Dew of Choice

Anevay's Gift:
Fire Mimicry
  •   Qurlicorn can mimic fire with their other magics (water breathing would become fire breathing, terrakinesis would turn the rocks into fire, etc)
  •   Quirlicorn may also spend short periods of time consumed by fire/on fire (the fire does not harm them) 

The following Quirlicorns have been blessed by Anevay with Fire Mimicry: 

1559 Firefly https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...light=1559
312 Wynn https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...hlight=312
1558 Dark Side of the Rainbow 
1213 Innuah 
1586 Auntea  
1785 Khaalida https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...hp?tid=448 
710 Cloria https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...hlight=710 
1755 Purge 
633 Loki  https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...hlight=633 
351 OTTBS Aurelius 
1754 Lariss 
M1771 Herelia
I115 Alisser  https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...891#pid891 
596 Damien https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...hlight=596 
1791 Hearts Boxcars
597 The Orion Nebula https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...hlight=597 
1333 Atalantea https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...hp?tid=324

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Congratulations to everyone!!! ; 0 ; It was so nice to see all the beautiful art!!!


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Congratulations to everybody. Great prompt to enter to, thanks for the opportunity!

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