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The Day Magic Died - Plains Region

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As you tend the tree, it begins to perk up, and magic begins to swirl around the sapling and you. The magic fills you, bringing with it pure light and joy. Your body begins to glow, the blessing of magic infusing you momentarily before it flows out of you, a golden light entering the tree. The essence of the magic within the world seems to gather, infusing the tree with its glowing golden light. Before your eyes the tree begins to grow, branches spreading and the trunk thickening. It is as if a hundred years of growth infuse it, along with the magic, as leaves grow and shed, endless cycles of years passing in mere moments. For a moment, the magic fills the area completely, a quite noticeable presence. It's as if all the threads of fate led to this point, this moment, blessing the brave Quirlicorns like yourself who put aside their own needs to help the deities, to help your world.
The tree's growth slows, reaching its final stage. Before you where a sapling once stood, choked by dark magic, is now a fully grown and impressive Sacred Dew Tree. The tree's branches sway slightly in a gentle breeze, and a single dew falls to your hooves, not like any seen before. 
The Deities gathered around the Sacred Dew Tree, or rather, the original Sacred Dew Tree. The discussion over the Dark Artifacts had progressed little, no Deity truly knowing what to make of the strange objects.
But the discussion came to a halt as magic rushed around them, their full power returning. Gasps of awe came, and murmurs of shock, as magic swelled, and the original Tree began to glow, shimmering light racing up its trunk, over its branches, and through its leaves. 
"Magic is back," Frysil sang, his eyes glittering with awe. "Back in full force!" 
Anevay stomped a hoof. "Finally!" she said, with a huff. Keir agreed with a snort of his own.
Jagmeet nodded in agreement. He was a lot more contained in his excitement, as was Haukea, but both of their eyes held that same shine of joy. 
Aberfa was quieter about it, her expression a bit more troubled.
"It does seem to be so," Zahavah said, gazing up at the tree.
A moment of silence fell over the gathered Deities as they stood in wonder of the free-flowing magic. 
"We must reward our helpers," Jagmeet said, and the others nodded. 
"I shall keep watch over these Dark Artifacts, and study them further. Go, and attend to your heroes," Zahavah said, and the Deities nodded and dispersed. 
Steady steps brought the Plains Deity closer to his home. As always, the constant movement, seeing his land pass by, centered him. There was still much left in the air, but at least they had their magic back to its normal levels. 
He saw it before he was close, the large Sacred Dew Tree standing stark against the skies, unblocked by any smaller trees or plants on the Plains. His awe grew with each step. The Dew Tree had always been their most holy tree and now.... Now his own region had one. As would the other regions, if their hypothesis was correct. 
Jagmeet had the ground beneath him, the air around him, yet for a moment all he felt was awe. Awe, tinged with gratitude. They had prevailed, and magic had found them worthy. 
The gratitude stayed as he finally arrived to where the three Quirlicorns waited, resting in the shade of the large tree. His brave heroes had done well.
"You have done very well," Jagmeet said, looking around at the tree, the new dews laying in the grass, and the three Quirlicorns who had made this possible. 
"Thank you!" Loraphine said brightly, her eyes glowing. Namyli and Damien were also looking with excitement, and Damien looked a bit.... tipsy?
"What are these dews?" Namyli asked, gesturing to the three dews that had fallen.
Jagmeet wandered over to investigate, sniffing at the dews. "These dews contain Raw Plains Magic," Jagmeet said in wonder. "It seems the tree also wanted to gift you for your service." 
"Also?" Damien asked, swaying a little bit on his hooves. 
"Yes, I have a gift for you each as well," Jagmeet said, turning back to the Quirlicorns. 
"For you, Loraphine, I gift you with Helping Hand. This magic will allow you assist other Quirlicorns by bolstering their magic," Jagmeet said. 
"For you, Namyli, I gift you with Shadow Step. It will allow you to step into a shadow and travel a short distance, emerging from another shadow." 
Jagmeet turned to Damien last. "And for you, Damien, I gift you with Courage. This magic can be used to give yourself, or another Quirlicorn a shot of bravery and courage to get through tough situations." 
A soft light scented like springtime seemed to settle over the three Quirlicorns who had come to help in the Plains Region. The magic settled into their skin, filling them with its power. 
"May your travels always lead you to soft grasses and sweet waters," Jagmeet said with a dip of his head, looking over each of them, then the tree, before he wandered back into the Plains. 

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