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[Image: 944_by_quirlicornadmin_deviex3-fullview....oE1LqLSVaI]

Owner: Quirlicorns

ID: 944
Name: Fiction
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Modern Quirlicorn
Color: Blue Roan Splash Displaced Horn
Genos: Ee aa RR nSpl HoHo
Region: All Regions
Follower of @Anevay

Personality:  Fiction is very headstrong and generally believes he is right in every situation.  He means well, but is still a bit immature so frequently makes impulsive decisions.  While he's always happy to throw down if needed and he makes for an excellent sparring partner, he spends most of his down time reading manga and collecting anime girl figurines.  The way to his heart is sharing his love of manga. 

Dews & Tokens: 

1st Magic:
2nd Magic:
3rd Magic:
Astral Magic:
Regional Magic:
Group Horse Magic: Lightning Manipulation, Puppet Mastery, Energy Manipulation, Hellfire Manipulation, Water Breathing
Other Magic: Cupcake Shindig, 

Small Familiar:
Large Familiar:

Land Owned:

Monthly Incentive: December 2021

Phoenix Touch:

Lineage: Starter

Breeding Slots:

1. @Aedrielle || 2194
2. @xxGaea || 2201
3. @Revan-Dawnstar || 2247
4. @DozingBear || 2263
5. @LovellaTorendo
6. @Belldejour

Cupid's Arrow Slots:
1. @DozingBear to 904 || 2361 + 2362

Breed © Astralseed
Design © Astralseed

[Image: yd2rufct]
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