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Quirlicorns Log: 633 Loki
Character Personality: Loki loves games and playing tricks, and while those tricks can sometimes get a little carried away he would never intentionally hurt anyone. Loki values family above all else and generally assumes everyone is his friend until proven otherwise. (Currently identifies as male.)
Region Preference:  Swamp, Mountain, Desert 
Communication preference with your partners: Discord is the way to get me to reply quickly (but if not then DA or the quirli forums will work too)

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men....

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Quirlicorns Log: 897 Caitriona
Character Personality: Caitríona is a mare who loves learning about other cultures and people. She does her best to be respectful and kind to everyone she interacts with, but sometimes gets herself into trouble with her rather short temper. With those she is close to [or those who push her too far], she is quick-witted and sarcastic, her sharp tongue cutting like shards of ice.
Region Preference: 1. Icy 2. Windy 3. Plains
Communication preference with your partners: Discord~


AshTheDreamer Offline

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  • Quirlicorns Log:  Y485 Roseart

  • Character Personality: Friendly, Playful, Adventurous

  • Region Preference:  Icy, Plains,Mountain

  • Communication preference with your partners: (Discord)


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Quirlicorns Log: 885 Dustfinger [https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...p?tid=3293]

Character Personality: Laid back, level headed, easy to get along with, unlikely to become offended, very hard to anger, frequently suffers from boredom.

Region Preference: No preference, he's a major wanderer so put him where ever you want.

Communication preference with your partners: Discord, QuirliForum


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Team Daddy
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Quirlicorns Log:  Epaphroditos
Character Personality: He sees himself as above others more often than not. He will work with other when he has to, but otherwise enjoys his solitude. Is easily annoyed.
Region Preference:  Icy, Desert, Swamp
Communication preference with your partners: Discord, Forum, DA

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  • Quirlicorns Log:  Frazzle Dazzle "Frazzle"

  • Character Personality: Frazzle is easily distracted. Just think about Dug from the movie "Up"...

  • Region Preference:  Icy, Windy, Swamp

  • Communication preference with your partners: I would prefer Discord. It's easier for me to keep track of things there.

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Quirlicorns Log: https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...hp?tid=672
Character Personality: Clever and secretive, Yuri is a bit of a prankster and enjoys winning no matter what it takes.
Region Preference: Swamp, Icy, Windy
Communication preference with your partners: Discord

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