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Letting The Cat Out of the Bag - Plains Region

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“It looks like everyone had a good time here in Entropy.”  Asani beamed, walking towards everyone.  Beside him Peabody bowed before adding “We thank you all for joining us in Entropy.”  “It’s been such a very long time since we’ve had company.”  Asani nodded fiercely. 
It was clear that these two had spent a long time in solitude.  Perhaps that would explain some of their quirky behaviour even.  Regardless of that however, the fact that they were no longer alone meant so much to them. 
Peabody cleared his throat preparing for a small speech.  “To show our gratitude we’re sending you each home with a few gifts.”  “To start things off, each of you is getting a plot of land here in Entropy.”  Asani pushed in front of Peabody, completely interrupting him.  “This means you’ll have to come back and visit often!” 
Annoyed, Peabody rolled his eyes before casually shoving Asani back behind him. 
“Anyway… You’re each getting a plot of land, as well as one of our region's magics.” 
Asani could be heard from behind Peabody “Yes, our magic is the coolest, you’ll love it!” 
“It seems the new Sacred Dew Tree that sprouted here in Entropy is also giving each of you a blossom.”  Peabody continued. 
“It should be noted that each of these items have been added to your logs in the form of 1 Maelstrom (Entropy magic), 1 Entropy Plot of Land, and 1 Entropy Blossom.”  “These items are specific to you as Quirlicorns participating in this event, and therefore did not go into your banks.”
Asani jumped back in front of his friend and blurted out “Oh!  And you can access the Entropy region forum now too.”  Asani was practically glowing in pride and excitement “The password is Asani.”  “Just like me.” 

“For the time being you are the only Quirlicorns who have unlocked the Entropy region, however in the near future we hope to allow others to come visit here as well.”  Peabody added. 
“And since you have our region unlocked, you now also have access to the Entropy Regional Transformations.” The cat smiled, curious to see how some of these Quirlicorns might change in the coming days. 

With all the information shared, everyone wandered off to find a plot of land to call their own while Asani and Peabody remained.
“Do you think that the new Sacred Dew Tree popping up had something to do with us being able to reach the main Quirliverse again?”  The cat asked his companion. 
Asani became thoughtful but replied almost as if to themselves “Maybe the others will start appearing too.”

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