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Welcome all!

With the number of alliances growing amongst the lands, quirlicorns have come up with a new system to share knowledge with each other: the Inter-Land Library Network (or ILLN for short). 

Libraries may request to have books sent over to them from another library to share with it's land's inhabitants, and likewise may lend it's own books to other libraries. Lands are free to decide whether they perform this service for a fee, and with which lands they wish to trade. Furthermore, individual quirlicorns can offer their services to perform the delivery between lands.

All lands are invited to participate, but it is not a requirement.

Feel free to comment below with your land. Be sure to give some info on what sorts of knowledge they are willing to share and with which lands they are willing to trade books with (or, alternatively, which lands they blacklisted). Do they only trade within their region, or do they trade with all lands across the quirliverse?
You may also volonteer delivery quirlicorns ^^

Have fun creating!

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This is a fun project, I am looking forward to seeing all the knowledge people have to share.  Perhaps I should contribute some knowledge too..

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What a wonderful idea!!!

The Library of L190 Avàllon (https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...p?tid=4925)
would be more than happy to participate and share all its knowledge!
Here you can find books about any kind of magic, geography, science and mysteries and, why not, also some novels! 
Don't worry if some of them are too old to travel: they can easily be copied and shared with no problems! 
Just ask to 549 Ghost
and 923 Atlantys 
and they will help you in finding what you need! 
319 Brysa 
https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...hp?tid=956 manages the section about alchemy and is always ready to give a hoof!
886 Boudicca 
Y392 Dhaulagiri
942 Tesla 
529 Hen-Edu-Anna
are ready for deliver both copies of any book you can find in Atlantys' library to everyone and to every land, expecially if the knowledge is usefull for the good and for fighting against curses and for solving problems!
The only payment required is a book in change for a book! n.n

(Hope all will work! Really, that project is interesting and sounds funny! Would like to make some art about!!!)

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