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Audio Spectrum Diversity Project

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Fellow Quirlicorns and all those living in the Quirliverse, it appears that our Audio Spectrum mutation lacks diversity which would allow it to thrive for years to come.  This mutation was always very sparse with a severely limited line.  Without intervention this mutation will eventually be lost to the breed so I have spoken with the other deities and we've pooled our magics into a solution.  
Starting today, February 28th 2023 until March 31st the pooled magic will allow nMut or MutMut genes in the bank to be applied as Audio spectrum genes.  Additionally, nHa or HaHa genes which were already mimicing As or AsAs may be converted to Audio spectrum genes.  

Customs with the Audio Spectrum gene may still not be purchased, and will still not be available in Mystery Box Customs. 

It is our hope that adding just a handful more Quirlicorns with this mutation who are unrelated to the original 4 starters, the mutation will continue to exist for years to come.

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