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Fall Equinox 2020 Event

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Twice a year the Equinoxes can be observed on either side of the globe.  For this equinox we observe the Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the Fall Equinox in the southern hemisphere.  
Quirlicorns gain their magic from the sun and moon respectively and as a result can experience magic they have not yet earned during each solstice or equinox.  
For more information on what magics and transformations are available see our Regions & Magics and Regional Transformations  pages. 

Aberfa has a Glitch:

OOPS, Aberfa is feeling a bit under the weather and her psychic magic is affecting all Quirlicorns strangely! 

Aberfa has advanced Psychic powers that seem to be out of control currently.  It is unsure how or why, but it appears as though Aberfa's magic is manifesting Quirlicorns minds to experience a glitched reality.  Aberfa's magic is only affecting Quirlicorns so what they see is not the same as what everyone else is seeing.  
How will your Quirlicorns handle this sudden problem?  Will they even be aware that they aren't seeing the world as it is?  How will their familiars and guardians handle this situation with them?  

[Image: mountain_deity_aberfa_by_midnitella_dd3r1eg-pre.png]
[Image: star_full.gif] Aberfa will be overseeing this event and blessing all entrants who include her in their entry with a special gift! [Image: star_full.gif]
Rules/Requirements etc:
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]Any dicipline is welcome 
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]Riders and tack are optional
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]display your Quirlicorn experiencing a glitched world
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]keep your Quirlicorns region in mind when choosing magic and transformations as well as backgrounds
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]Only Quirlicorns may enter this show, no other breeds will be allowed, sorry
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]You may only display magic and transformations which you will unlock as your Quirlicorn levels so choose wisely! 
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]You may enter one or all of your Quirlicorns but you are only eligible for prizes once during this show.
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]Your entry must be new and for this show
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]Tracing is allowed, though we encourage you to try putting your best effort in without the need of tracing
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]Visual and literature entries welcome!
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]You must cite any stock or resources used in the artists comment section of your entry
[Image: bulletred.gif] ALL Quirlicorns entered in the show get an automatic +2 Chime points 
[Image: bulletred.gif] ALL Participants also earn 1 Dew of Choice
[Image: bulletred.gif] adding Aberfa to your entry will also grant a special gift 

  • All finished entries must be left in a comment on this thread OR noted to our Group on DA!
  • When commenting please include a link to each Quirlicorn in your entries logs

Leasing a Quirlicorn:

Don't own a Quirlicorn, but you'd still like to participate?  No problem!  You may lease one of our Group Horses and enter with it.   

Things to remember when leasing:
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]More than one person may lease the same Quirlicorn
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]You may only lease one Quirlicorn but you may enter multiple times
[Image: bulletwhite.gif]Pay close attention to your leased Quirlicorns region to help you pick appropriate magic

  • Placement prizes will be unlocked if we receive at least 8 participants for this event. 
  • If placement prizes are not unlocked we will instead RNG prizes for everyone who enters.  
1st place: 
1 Plot of land to winning Quirlicorn
1 Guardian (Companion) to winning Quirlicorn
1 Token of Choice
5 Novas
1 Gold Booty Box
20 Chimes
100 Spirals
2nd Place: 
1 Plot of land to winning Quirlicorn
1 Guardian (Companion) to winning Quirlicorn
1 Token of Choice
5 Novas
1 Silver Booty Box
10 Chimes
50 Spirals
3rd Place: 
1 Plot of land to winning Quirlicorn
1 Guardian (Companion) to winning Quirlicorn
1 Token of Choice
5 Novas
1 Bronze Booty Box
5 Chimes
30 Spirals
All Participants:
1 Dew of Choice
Aberfa's Gift: (available to all who include Aberfa in their entry)

November 1st, 11:59PM CST

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Aight, took me ages, but here's my entry. ^^

[Image: 27373776_b19Rsdzi36vWSam.jpg]

Horses depicted:

1223 Vienna - https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=586&highlight=1223
710 Cloria - https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=349
743 Hors Mcgeese - https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=811&pid=1598#pid1598
A1857 AquaKeel - https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=795
1791 Hearts boxcars - https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=346
I121 Berrybab - https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=128
1816 Violet Butt Hearts - https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=370
122 Radience - https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=732
312 Wynn - https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=366
371 Amethyst - https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=498
680 Basil - https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=161
1797 Mosquito - https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=345&highlight=Mosquito
Y517 Fool’s gold - https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=294
Aberfa herself

[Image: 25330881_wryNhaexF3cELso.png]


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Here we are!

Art entry with some literature on description section:


Link to Quirlicorn Edu:


Hope all will works correctly!

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Main Characters: 1785I123I125

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[Image: mirror_of_reality_by_queensunshinemonste...tFSq3yI8bs]
(DeviantArt Link)

Quirlicorns Featured:

122 Radiance [here]
364 Psychomyth [here]
1781 Lotus [here]
364 Barricades [here[/url]]
59 - 50 Seconds In [[url=https://quirlicorns.com/community/showthread.php?tid=999]here
538 Fantasma [here]

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My entry Illusion Magic Nightmare :3

Featuring Loki 633, Crow 704 and Aberfa herself :3

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men....


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#596 Damien enjoying the lush field hes got to see thanks to Aberfa



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Thank you everyone, for participating in this years Fall Equinox! 
We unfortunately didn't get enough entries to unlock placed prizes, but below you'll see what prizes were RNGed for each of you. 

Additionally, all entered Quirlicorns depicted with Aberfa, will recieve the special "Glitching" magic. 
Glitching magic does basically what Aberfa did during this event.  Quirlicorns can glitch the magic of their opponents at will, but can never control in what way the magic will glitch. Quirlicorns with this magic experience glitches in their own magic from time to time. 

@Asoraam-Feire : 1 Dew of choice, 10 Spirals, 30 Chimes, 1 Gold Booty Box
@AndromedasWitchery : 1 Dew of choice, 1 Nova, 1 Slot to Mutation Group Horse, 2 Gold Booty Box
@Aedrielle : 1 Dew of choice, 1 Lesser Dew of choice, 30 Chimes, 1 Gold Booty Box
@QueenSunshineMonster : 1 Dew of choice, 60 Spirals, 1 Cursed Dew of choice, 1 Gold Booty Box
@DozingBear : 1 Dew of choice, 10 Spirals, 10 Chimes, 1 Natural Custom, 1 Gold Booty Box
@Damien :  1 Dew of choice, 1 Nova, 70 Spirals, 1 Gold Booty Box

Items will be added to your bank momentarily.  Glitched magic will be added to all linked/logged Quirlicorns momentarily as well.

[Image: yd2rufct]
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