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Official Starter Logs Logs for Starters (formerly known as Imports) (Only admins may post in this forum)
721 t / 782 p
*046 by Aedrielle, 05-11-2024, 01:47 AM
Guardian Logs Logs for Guardians (Only admins may post in this forum)
96 t / 96 p
C212 by Wolv31000, 05-06-2024, 10:59 PM
Official Foal Design Logs Logs for Official Foal Designs. (Only admins may post in this forum)
808 t / 843 p
2645 by Aedrielle, 05-11-2024, 01:41 AM
Imported Character Logs This forum is for logs of Quirlicorns that were imported from another breed, or from OCs. These imports ID#'s start with an I (Only admins may post in this forum)
80 t / 80 p
i023 by Aedrielle, 03-12-2024, 01:58 AM
Registration/Conversion Convert your horses here to bypass the need to create a registration image. (This forum is for converting Quirlicorns whose logs are still only on DevantArt and need a new log made on our Quirlicorns Website)
- t / - p
Official Log Update Requests Please use this forum to request updates to official Starter/Import or Foal Design logs.
Things to update include Breeding slots, Personality, and up to one image to display what they look like.
- t / - p
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