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Quirlicorns are a closed unicorn species created by Astralseed.  Quirlicorns are generally considered to be an HARPG breed, but may be used outside of HARPG as well.  
Quirlicorns have a special Spiraled horn and long hairy tails.  Generally they are a very hairy breed of unicorn, but come in various size or builds.  Their coats come in both fantasy colors/variations as well as natural horse coat colors.

While customs cost money, our breed and its members work hard to make them available to those who can not afford to spend money as well.  Keep an eye out for official events for opportunities to get one for free.

Quirlicorns can be obtained in various ways.  

  • If you are brand new to the breed you can check out our Stray Center to see if any are available for adoption.  
  • Aside from that we also offer Customs for sale year round.  
  • If spending money isn’t your cup of tea, our community is generally quite helpful in providing newcomers with breeding slots to help get them started in the breed.  
  • We also often offer Customs/Imports as prizes in official events.  

Horns may not be removed unless a Discrowning Dew is purchased.  Otherwise we do allow very minor alterations of the horn for example a light bend in the horn or the tip may have broken off.  Horns may however not be altered in a way that would make them non recognizable as Quirlicorn horns unless a Corrupted Horn Token is applied.

In light of letting our members be creative with their characters we allow cloven hooves, though non cloven hooves are also fine.  Essentially the type of hoof your Quirlicorn has is up to you.

All Quirlicorns naturally have feathering, however we do allow members to trim the feathering of their horses if they so wish.  

No, our breed does not actively reclaim horses.  The only reason your horse would be subject to reclaim is if it was won in an official raffle and was never registered.  We list warnings on any raffles with this stipulation though and give ample time and/or opportunity for members to avoid such a reclaim from happening.  

Yes, username changes are allowed, but please be sure to contact us about the username change to have your Bank items and horses transferred to your new name.  
We can not transfer items or horses to new accounts without undeniable proof that the original account is/was yours.  

  • We do not have an official deceasing system.  If for any reason you wish to remove your character from our breed we can recycle the ID as long as no breeding slots have been given out/used.  To have your characters ID recycled please contact our Help Desk in the forums. 
  • If you wish to kill off a Quirlicorn for storytelling purposes we only allow non official NPC characters to be killed off, the art must contain a warning for death, and it is agreed that any NPCs killed can not be officially recognized as Quirlicorns.


Choosing a region is important because this is the region from which you may pick magics as your Quirlicorn levels up.  

If a Quirlicorn is an Anomaly/Mutation or effected by the Wandering Spirit Dew, they will be All Regions! This means a Quirlicorn may pick magic from any Region they desire! However, if a Quirlicorn is without one or all of these, they may select a singular Region only. If a Quirlicorn is an Import they may pick from any one Region they desire! If a Quirlicorn is a bred foal, they may only select from the Regions of their parents. If one or both of the foals parents are ‘All Regions’ they may select any one Region they desire.

Yes, once a mutation gene is unlocked natural Quirlicorns become all region Quirlicorns.  

Not at all! A Quirlicorn may choose to live in any Region or Regions they desire! The only benefit of being in the Magical Region the Quirlicorns power comes from, would be a slight amplification of their magical powers. 

No, the Astral region and Entropy Region are restricted.  Only Quirlicorns who have unlocked the demi-deity status can access the Astral region.  Entropy Region is unlocked via the Entropy Unlock item or special in game events



Magic is unlocked by leveling up your Quirlicorn using the Chime Points system.  Outside of that there are a few other ways to earn magic though.  Some mutations grant immediate magic, some land quest prompts give magic as a reward rather than dropping an item, some events have special magics as rewards, and some Guardians also grant special magics. 

Magic use is restricted to the unlocked level of the magic.  Lesser magics have 3 levels and greater magics have 2.  Each magic and its level is clearly outlined in our Regions & Magics page. 

When the Solstices and Equinoxes come around, Quirlicorn magic becomes amplified, allowing Quirlicorns to dabble in any of their regions magic which they intend to unlock as they level up later. This happens four times a year, with two Solstices (Summer and Winter) and two Equinoxes (Spring and Autumn). These effects are not permanent and the Quirlicorn will return to their achieved magical abilities only once these events have passed. 

Lesser Magics are considered more basic forms of the Regions Magic, making them easier for a Quirlicorn to learn. They are also considered more ‘practical’ magics, used just about every day usually. Greater Magics are held in high regard, as they take much more practice and understanding of the Region’s Magic to properly use. These Magics tend to be dangerous or require a lot of energy from the user to fully manifest, making them rarely used in comparison to Lesser Magics. This of course differs from Quirlicorn to Quirlicorn, as some may struggle with using a Lesser Magic but find it easy to handle a Greater. There are also those who choose not to harness Greater Magics at all.

Yes, learned magic is added to the Quirlicorns Log as the magic is unlocked.  

Regional transformations are a form of magic, as such Regional transformations may be turned on and off at will.  You may even turn off only some aspects of regional transformations while leaving others.  

While Quirlicorns have a limited amount of magics they can learn via Chime unlocks, there is no limit to how many magics Quirlicorns may learn overall. 

Magics can be granted through various means outside of chime checks, and those are all considered additional magics.  

Chime Points

 Chime Points are an art based reward system we use to help give a Quirlicorn Achievements, Status, and Perks! These can be earned by reaching certain Levels of Chime with a Quirlicorn, unlocking new goodies with each new level gained.

When a Quirlicorn is born into the world, a special set of wind chimes is dedicated to their growth and development. A testament to their personalities and powers. Each Magical Region may have a specific type of wind chimes they use for identifying each individually and to differentiate themselves from each other. By no means does this mean there is a lack of diversity among the chimes! Quirlicorns may choose to stylize their set of chimes however they see fit so long as it still resembles their Regions magic!

By drawing and writing about a Quirlicorn of course! The more art you create for a Quirlicorn, the faster they earn Chime and Level Up!

Yes, but only a few! 
—— Reusing art in multiple pieces will not be counted. This goes for both characters and backgrounds.
——— Each background or character piece will only count ONCE EVER. 
—— Art made BEFORE the horses Registration will not be counted. This EXCLUDES Imports.
—— Photo-Manipulations may only count for Chime if proper stock sources are used. No movie frames, game screenshots, or other media will be allowed.
——— There must be actual manipulation visible to have a Photo-Manipulation count. Pasting multiple stock files together without alteration will NOT count.

In an effort to prevent Chime Farming we do not allow any single art piece to receive more than 25 Chimes. 

The only exception to this rule is for comics with a clear story being told.  

Role-Plays have a few specifications:
——— If the Quirlicorn is evenly used throughout the entirety of role-play, they would gain the chime from the entirety of the role-play.
——— If the Quirlicorn is only present for a section of the role-play, they only gain the Chime for their time in it. 
——— If the Quirlicorn is MENTIONED it does not gain the Chime from the role-play. The Quirlicorn must be present to receive Chime.

The owner is responsible for keeping track of a Quirlicorn’s Chime and sending notes to the group for Chime Checks. The owner may keep track of the Quirlicorn’s Chime Points in an organized journal, listing all art and literature of the Quirlicorn with specified amounts for each piece with a total listed for all the Chime Points earned. Example: Qurilicorn Chime Tracker Lay-Out Template

By sending a ‘Chime Check’ thread into the Chime Check Forum! In this thread, we will need a few essential items, as well as information on what the Quirlicorn would desire to have with the Level that is being unlocked. The thread should be formatted as such:

TITLE: Chime Check – 000 Quirlicorn Name

Name: 0000 Quirlicorn Name
Tracker: LINK
Level Unlock: LEVEL 000
Desired Unlocks: Magic/Item/Genes/etc.

Yes, as long as your Anthro Quirlicorn is clearly recognizable as your Quirlicorn, it may earn Chime Points. 

No, Chime can’t be transferred to another user.  Chime should be used for your own Quirlicorns only. 

Since death of official Quirlicorns is not canon to the breed, we can only count Chimes for art that does not involve the death of any official Quirlicorns.  If you have a story where one of your characters dies, the chapters leading up to the death are still eligible for Chimes, but not the chapter including the actual death.

Spirals & Novas

Spirals and Novas are both in-game currencies which can be used to purchase special perks or items within the Quirlicorn breed. 

No, we do not allow Spirals or Novas to be transferred to other members.  The only time we allow them to be transferred is if a member changes their username and wishes to transfer their in-game currency to their new account. 

Spirals and Novas are given as rewards in various events and activities throughout the breed.  These rewards are always clearly outlined for each event or activity.  

No, Spirals and Novas may only be earned by participating in the Quirlicorn breed.  

Dews, Tokens & Booty Boxes

A dew is an item that can have various effects from influencing breeding, to changing a Quirlicorn’s appearance to generating items. 

A droplet of magic infused morning dew, said to be blessed by the sacred dew tree itself. 

Currently we have 3 types of dews.  Lesser Dews, Greater Dews, and Cursed Dews.  

How you use the dew depends on what kind of dew you are using.  If you’re using a dew that  needs to be applied to a breeding then you simply add that you’d like to use that dew at the time of the breeding.  

If you’re using a dew to alter your Quirlicorn, you send this in after it has been registered, so it can be added to the Quirlicorns log.

If you are using one of our Dews that RNGs items or rewards for you, these can be sent in at any time on the forums.  

Tokens are items which let you alter the appearance of your Quirlicorn similar to how many of our Dews work. 
Unlike Dews, Tokens can not be bought.  

Applying tokens is done the same way applying dews is done.  Please be sure to submit them to the appropriate forum and fill out the template. 

Booty Boxes are loot boxes that give you RNGed rewards.  

Send in a request to have them rolled in the appropriate forum, using the template provided. 

Booty Boxes have various rewards that can be won ranging from Spirals and Novas, to Chime points, to Customs and more.  
The value of the items is dependent on what tier of booty box is being rolled.  

Phoenix Touch

Phoenix Touch is a literal rebirth for Quirlicorns.  These rebirths allow for things like Name Changes, Redeisigns, Picking different region or magics, and in some cases a change of gender may also be allowed. 

  • A complete redesign of the Quirlicorn with the original genos given 

  • A complete name change

  • A gender change 

  • A complete redesign of regional forms

  • Genes added via Chime unlocks may be stripped OR changed

  • Monthly Incentives can be changed/updated (if you wish to strip a Monthly Incentive no PT is needed)

  • Companion transformations and/or Dew applications may also be stripped

Yes, Phoenix Touch may be applied as many times as you like.  

Yes, Phoenix Touch should still be used to change things like magic or gender.  

No, currently Phoenix Touches are not available for purchase.  

You can acquire a Phoenix Touch for any of your Quirlicorns without the worry of having to spend any money.  Phoenix Touch was created to be a more story driven blessing and as such we did not want to slap a price tag on it.  You will however be required to create art in exchange for a Phoenix Touch. 

  1. Post a thread in the Phoenix Touch Forum

  2. In your Thread include which Quirlicorn of yours you wish to get the Phoenix Touch for

  3. We will roll a quest for you to fulfill in order to receive the Phoenix Touch

  4. Once you complete the art for the quest, reply back to us in the thread and we’ll apply The Phoenix Touch for you

  5. Once you get confirmation from us that it has been applied you can rebirth your Quirlicorn

Importing & Starters/Customs

Yes, we allow members to import up to 10 characters from other breeds or OCs per year.  Please be aware that we do not allow these imports to lead double lives however (all imported characters must become Quirlicorns and only Quirlicorns).  

We provide a lot of opportunities to get free Starters, mostly via events.  

You can design your Starter if you want to.  If you are purchasing or cashing in on a custom you can ask the group to design for you if you don’t want to do it or don’t want to commission another artist to do it for you.  Otherwise we allow people to commission or otherwise work out deals with artists to create designs for them if they don’t want to design themselves.  

Yes, Custom imports may be ordered at any time.  

Importing is easy, simply follow the templates outlined in our Importing & Customs Forum.  

Customs can be bought, and characters can be imported via our Importing & Customs forum.  

Mystery Box Customs

Mystery Box Customs are reduced priced customs where you are given two randomly generated genos/phenos and you may pick one of them for your custom, OR a random Admin Designed Custom based on your likes/dislikes.

  • Mystery Box Customs may be designed by yourself, or another person if you wish, otherwise we can design them for you. 
  • If you ask us to design them, these will be similar to semi-customs in that we will not do edits or corrections to the design once it’s finished.  

No, the mutation is determined by RNG.  You do however get 2 different genos you can choose from and it’s very likely each one will have a different mutation. 

Mystery Box Customs can give you an additional roll (2 genos) if you use a Sacrificial Lamb item.  Otherwise what you get is what you get. 

If you have a Sacrificial Lamb in your bank, you can either use it right away when you get your Mystery Box custom (at time of odering) for 4 genos instead of 2, OR you can submit a request after the roll to get an the additional roll added.  

  • If you opt for a Mystery Admin Design (Previously known as Semi Customs) you will list your likes/dislikes, and an admin will work off of that.
  • You can pick a specific admin, or leave it open ended. However our admins do often have busy lives, so picking a specific admin may result in a longer wait time.
  • There are no changes/edits done to these designs once finished.

Stray Center

Most horses in the Stray center are only eligible for newbies, but each one will say specifically if it’s for newbies only or if members may apply for it as well.  

Yes, we accept all unwanted Quirlicorns to the Stray Center.

No, once horses, designs, or genos are surrendered you waive all rights to decide what may or may not happen with the character. 

Parent slots may be given by the new owner if they wish, but by default you should not expect to get parent slots on surrendered horses or genos.  

If you failed to register your adopted Quirlicorn within the 30 day time limit, it’s likely it was reclaimed.  

Quirlicorn Joust

Once a week per Quirlicorn. 


No, but if you do you’ll get more or better drops (rewards). 

For the sake of the Quirlicorn Joust, we ask you not to do this as we only give you rewards for one horse.  

Yes, all joust images must utilize the current prompt in some way.  

The Quirlicorn Joust prompt is updated on the 1st of each month and lasts the full month.  

Joust Pas d'Armes

The Joust Pas d’Armes is a monthly art swap between group members.  You get to sign up with one of your Quirlicorns and then will be assigned to draw your Quirlicorn jousting with another Quirlicorn that was signed up.  Another member will draw their Quirlicorn jousting with yours.  

Yes, each Joust Pas d’Armes image earns an additional +4 Chimes.  

We understand that life happens and sometimes we simply can’t meet deadlines.  Not meeting the deadline by the end of the month means you will be barred from participating in other Quirlicorn events as well as having admins roll or process your things until you have completed the owed art.  Once the owed Joust image is completed, you can resume regular activity in the group again without penalties. 

What about six?

  • Sign up Deadline is the 5th of the month
  • Early completion bonus Deadline is the 18th of the month
  • Completion deadline is the last day of the month

Please only sign up if you feel confident that you can finish on time.  
This event runs monthly and we’d rather have you skip a month or two in favor of not overloading yourself.  

Land Quests/Deity Quests

Land Quests are a work at your own pace activity that let’s your Quirlicorns earn and name land on our official map.  

No, land quests may be completed at your own pace.  There are no requirements as to how fast or how slow any of your quests must be completed.  

If the piece of land you wanted is already taken you will not be able to take it, and you’ll need to select a different piece of land.  

If that leg of the quest has not been rolled for blessings or curses yet, you can simply update your thread to the new prompts.  

However, if that leg of your quest has been rolled for blessings and curses already you may not change it.  Please be sure to select your prompts carefully.  

Some quests do not have item drops.  Please be sure to pay close attention to the warning listed on the Land Quest page about that, in order to avoid picking prompts that wont give you what you want. 

  • Quirlicorn’s embarking on their first set of land quests are open to the “New Landowners Initiative” 
  • For this, a Quirlicorn only needs to complete one quest per region to unlock their land, as a way to encourage land ownership.
  • If your Quirlicorn has previously completed land quests prior to the New Landowners Initiative they may still partake in the initiative, once per Quirlicorn.

Guardians & Familiars

Guardians and Familiars are both companions assigned to individual Quirlicorns.  Both grant additional Chime points when they are included in art pieces.  

Guardians have a few extra roles though.  Guardians are primarily used as protectors over the Quirlicorns land, as they can help remove or ward off specific curses.  Additionally to protecting the Quirlicorns land, Guardians may also award the Quirlicorn its assigned to with specific blessings from alterations to its appearance to magics.  

No, Guardians and Familiars may not be gifted, sold or traded once they are assigned to a Quirlicorn. 

No, we do not allow the use of copyrighted creatures in our breed unless you own the rights to the specific character.  

For example if you own a Shushi Dog and wanted it to be your Quirlicorns familiar, that would be okay, but you could not create a Sushi Dog to act as your Quirlicorns familiar.  

No, you may choose to follow the guide of specific items if you wish but it is not necessary.  At the end of the day you merely need 7 items to conjure a Guardian.  


Yes, we allow line breeding but not inbreeding.  
This means that your horses may not be related within the lineage shown in our grid.  If they are related by horses which have fallen off the grid, this is line breeding and is okay in our breed. 

No, inbreeding is strictly prohibited in Quirlicorns.  Any such breedings will be declined.  

Yes, we support same sex breedings with the use of a Heavens Wish Dew.  

While understanding the genetics can help you make better selections when breeding, it is not a requirement to be allowed to breed.  

If the mutation you want passed to the foal is a dominant one (it has two copies of the allele “MutMut”) then the foal will automatically have one allele of the mutation gene.  

If the mutation you want passed to the foal is recessive (it has only one copy of the allele ‘nMut’) then you can use a Mutated Skip Dew to ensure that the gene will be passed to the foal. 

We give 4 different gene options per breeding to give you more options to pick what you like.  If you didn’t get what you were hoping for, we do not re-roll breedings though.  

Unused breeding slots may only be removed with written permission by the slot holder.  

Yes, when submitting Log Update requests, you may send in updates for unusable slots.  Simply state that the slot you are marking down is currently unusable.  

No, breeding slots marked as unusable can not be used until the owner of the horse updates them to be useable.  

Yes, in rare instances we will force breedings for members who have completed their part of breeding deals but the slot owner has not updated the breeding slots.  Undeniable proof is required before a breeding will be forced however.  

No, RNG traits don’t get genes assigned to them and as such are not eligible to be passed down.  
It is however possible to use a Synthetic Selection dew to get a desired RNG trait when breeding. 
It’s also possible that RNG is kind to you and rolls a trait for your foal. 

With our new Registration system on the website, all breeding slots that are being used will also get a link to the breeding thread and the foals ID# behind the slot.  

If a slot does not have a link and ID# for a foal behind it, it has not been used yet. 


Yes, we allow members to commission or otherwise work out deals within the art community for designs.  

Yes, we allow edits to make your Quirlicorn look as it should.  This includes edits to the mane or tail, edits to the body to show unlocked traits, edits that display any applicable monthly incentives, edits to make the hoofs cloven, edits to remove feathering, etc.  

While you are welcome to design on other linearts, we need the official designs to be on our official lines and can not register your Quirlicorns without them being on the official lines. 

Yes, designs must match the geno/pheno given.  Any designs not matching them will be required to be updated before they can be approved. 

Quirlicorn eyes can be any color or even multi colored.  

If you rolled an RNGed trait (like Brindle, or Chimera for example) but you don’t want to use it in your design, you are not required to add the RNGed trait.  

Monthly Incentives

Yes, if you decide down the road that you’d like to use the monthly incentive that you hadn’t been using so far, you may apply it.  Please be aware that if it is an incentive which affects your Quirlicorns appearance a new design must first go through the Design Nexus for approval.  

No, using the monthly incentive is completely voluntary, there are no obligations to use it. 

We allow members to import outside characters free of charge, as such we opt to reserve monthly incentives to Quirlicorns that were never anything but a Quirlicorn.  

Yes, we have the Cosmic Exchange Dew which may be used to change your Quirlicorns incentive to one of your preference.  

Yes, but the new design must be approved via the Design Nexus first.  


No, we do not allow NSFW content in our forums.  

No, we don’t allow bumping of threads (replying to a thread to bump it to the top of the forum).  Bumping threads will lead to being warned and/or banned depending on the severity.  

Forums where you submit things for admins to process are set so that each member can only see their own posts.  This is to give members privacy over what they are doing within the breed or with their characters.  

Once threads have been processed they are archived.  This is why these forums always appear empty.  

  • Currently we allow up to 3 linked Character accounts.  
  • If you have characters who earned Quirlicorn of the Month awards, they do not count towards the 3 character limit.  

Yes, you may make as many character accounts as you like, but you may only link 3 to your main account.  

Account activations are done manually by admins.  Generally we prioritize activating new accounts for members as fast as we can, but please be patient with us since we can’t be online all the time.  
Activation generally always happens within 24 hours. 

Group Horses

When Group horses run out of breeding slots they are re-homed so active community members.  

Yes, group horses may be used by anyone at any time.  Please just be respectful of them and draw or write about them coming to any harm.  

Yes, we take appreciation of the group horse into account when deciding who to re-home them to. 

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