Quirlicorn Spring Egg Hunt

Welcome to our annual Spring Egg Hunt.  
For this event you’ll get to search for hidden eggs.  Each egg comes with a reward, so the more you find the more rewards you’ll get.  
Our Spring Egg Hunt is a casual event where you can participate as it fits your schedule, without the need to find every single hidden egg.  This event is open to members and non members alike, though signing up to submit your egg hunt findings will be required.  

How To Get Started

The bunnies have been scattered throughout the Quirlicorn breed , so be sure to hunt through all official Quirlicorn areas, leave no stone un-turned!
There are 40 bunnies in total to find this year, some will be easy to find while others may be a bit more difficult.
Each bunny will have a general prize (unknown until event is over).  

Each bunny is clickable or has a link with it, following to its sta.sh link will give you the egg’s #. 

In previous years we had members comment on the sta.sh files on DeviantArt, however since we’ve expanded, we don’t feel it fair to require our members to have DeviantArt accounts.  Please do not comment on the sta.sh files this year (any such comments will not be entered into the raffles).  
Instead we ask that you use google docs (other methods of tracking your bunnies are also welcome) in order to keep a list of which bunnies you found, where you found them, and to add your extra tasks to.  

You can easily make a copy of this google doc, and then just fill in the blanks as you find eggs.  No information will be lost and you’ll have a good overview of where you’ve found bunnies, and which bunnies still remain unfound.  

When a bunny is found:

Guidelines and Regulations

This event will be ending May 1st at 11:59PM CST, so be sure to get all of your eggs found by then! 

All raffles will be rolled after the close date!


This is your first bunny!

Please note that we’ve held an egg hunt for Easter yearly and some old eggs may still be lingering around the group on DeviantArt.  Don’t worry, this year they all look like the bunny to the left, so if you see one that doesn’t fit that theme, you can let us know where it’s at and we can remove it (or just ignore it if you’re feeling lazy).   

Happy Hunting, everyone!

Additional Tidbits

Submitting your Egg Hunt Results:

We’ve created a forum specifically for submitting your Completed Egg Hunt Entries.  Please don’t post them anywhere else, this will help us be sure not to miss your entries.  

This Years Rewards:

Spring Hunt Coloring Fun

If you would like to color your own Quirlicorns on the egg base you’re completely welcome to do so.  You may make edits to the base to fit your Quirlicorns.

Coloring your Quirlicorns on these lines will earn an additional +1 Chime, meaning all colored Eggs are worth +5 Chimes (adding your own background drawing will grand an additional +2 for a total of +7 Chimes)

There is no deadline to finish coloring these lines, even though they will earn the +1 Chime.
Color at your own leisure and have fun <3

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