Purchasing A Custom Quirlicorn

Customs are available for purchase year round so you are welcome to request one at any time.  
Customs may either be designed by you on our official Import Lines, or you may ask us to design your custom based on what look you’re aiming for.  
Customs must be paid for within 24hrs of receiving confirmation of your order.  Please don’t place an order if you are not prepared to pay.

Purchasing is easy

Order Dews or Customs Here

You can easily order Customs or Dews through our forums in the community tab, alternately you can click Order Now below.
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Free Add Ons

Free Add Ons

Mystery Box Customs

Mystery Box Customs are reduced priced customs where you are given two randomly generated genos/phenos and you may pick one of them for your custom OR Mystery Admin Designed Customs.

Mystery Customs

  • For Mutation customs, you can not decide which mutation you get. 
  • RNG traits are rolled for Mystery Box Customs, including Mystics and Twins.  In the event that you should roll twins, you will be given ID#s for both randomly generated genos/phenos.  
  • Mystery Box Customs may be designed by yourself, or another person if you wish, otherwise we can design them for you.  If you ask us to design them, these will be similar to semi-customs in that we will not do edits or corrections to the design once it’s finished.  


Mystery Admin Design Customs

  • Previously known as “Semi Customs”
  • For this option you will list your likes/dislikes, as well as if you have a preferred Admin to design. (Note: Choosing one preferred Admin may result in a longer wait time for your design)
  • From your listed likes/dislikes, an Admin will design a ‘mystery custom’ for you. All designs are final and no edits or corrections will be made to the design once its finished. 

Each Custom type listed above is priced for a full Quirlicorn of that type.  This means if you purchase a Base Coat Mutation, you don’t also have to purchase an Ancient.  All of our RNG traits may be added free of charge to any Custom.  Additional Mutation allele’s may also be purchased for customs.  

Accepted payment methods are Paypal OR DeviantArt Points.  

Importing OCs And Other Horse Characters

Importing your characters to Quirlicorns is free of charge but please pay close attention to our importing rules.

First and foremost, only already existing horses or foals which are owned by the member requesting to import them may be imported.  This means your horse or foal must already have art by you before you may import it to our breed.  This will mostly work on an honor system, though if we find any abuse of it we will take action.  

Members may import up to 10 horses in a calendar year (January -December).  

If you have one or more existing characters you’d like to import as Quirlicorns, please continue reading, otherwise if you are interested in acquiring a custom you can find more information about that above.

If you’re ready to import some characters, please visit our Community Area and post a thread in the “Importing” forum.  

Be sure to include the following information in your thread:

Once we receive your Importing thread and an admin has had time to process your request, we will reply back to you with ID#s and genos/phenos for your horses along with any other important information regarding importing your horse as a Quirlicorn (breed standards which need to be met, meaning alterations to your horses appearance like adding standard Quirlicorn horn and tails)

In order to keep importing free of charge, we’ve opted to have members wishing to import horses recreate the designs on our Quirlicorn Import/Starter Line Art as a design placeholder/import image.  Please don’t transfer your designs to our line art until you have heard back from us approving your horses for import.  

After importing has been approved and designs have been transferred to our Starter/Import Line Art, please submit the designs as you would foal designs including a link to the import thread rather than the breeding thread.  

Registration of imported horses will work the same as any other Quirlicorn, so you may submit your registration images once we have accepted the design on the Starter/Import Lines.

Where can I purchase a Custom or Dew?

Dews or Customs can be purchased either via our Importing & Customs forum in the Community tab, or via note to our Group on DeviantArt.  
Whether you are using our forums or our DA Group, you’ll want to send us a message with the following information to make an order. 

When ordering a Custom please fill out the following information
Ancient or Modern Coat?:
Horses Geno: (for modern coats)
Horses appearance: (Please include any RNG traits you’d like added)
Method of payment: (points, paypal, or custom in your bank)
Preferred designer: (Please tell us if you’ll be submitting a design or if we’ll be designing for you)

When ordering Dews please fill out the following information


When Importing a Character as a Custom please fill out the following information
Link to art of Character:
Link to proof of ownership: (if applicable)
Are you importing a Free Character or would you like to purchase Mutation allele’s for it?

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