Land Quests


Land acquisition is relatively simple as long as you’re willing to put in a little time and effort to work on some art.  

Land is acquired by completing a full set of Deity Quests.  In order to complete a full set of Deity Quests, you must visit each regions Deity and complete two Quests from each region.  When you have decided on the first regions Quests you’d like to work on, comment in the  Deity Quest Forum with the following information:

  • Which Quirlicorn is going on the Quest
  • Which Region you are working on (you may only do one region at a time and must pick the 2 Quests from that region at the same time)
  • Which 2 Quests you will be doing from that region
Once we’ve received your Quest request, we will roll to see if the Quests will turn out favorable, neutral, or unfavorable for you.  
Please do not start your art until we have rolled this for you since it directly affects the scenario your Quirlicorn will experience during the Quests.  
Our Gods are giving, so even if you happened to roll for an unfavorable Quest result, you will still be blessed with the Quest items.
Once we reply back to you letting you know how your Quest will turn out you may start working on your art.
  • Art must be new for the Quests selected and depicting the favorable/neutral/or unfavorable outcome
  • Art must include the Quirlicorn going on the Quests
  • Quest Art must reach a value of 6 Chimes per Quest in order to qualify and may be done in a single piece or with multiple pieces as long as the 6 Chime minimum is reached.  (Companion/Familiar chimes not applicable towards the 6 Chimes needed) (literature pieces should be submitted as individual pieces for each prompt to prevent confusion over Chimes reached for each prompt)
  • Art must be up to par with your gallery, or else the Gods may be angered and deny your Quest items (Please no quick sketches or point farming type images/literature)
  • Users with 2 Quirlicorns questing, may draw both together in a single image for the same quest, but be aware of how each are rolled (favorable, unfavorable or neutral).  No more than 2 horses may participate in the same quest drawing at a time.  
Once you’ve finished both Quest pieces you simply reply back to us in your comment thread and repeat the step above for the next Regions Quests.  
When you submit your last 2 Quest images, please let us know what Region you’d like your land in.  
Once you have completed both Quests for all 6 regions you will be awarded a piece of land (to be included in the Quirlicorn map)
You must name the land (name to be part of Quirlicorn lore)
We will roll for Blessings and Curses on your land based on favorable or unfavorable Quests and let you know which blessings and curses are on your land as well as the value # for your new land.  
This is also when we will ask you for your lands Name, please be prepared.  


Blessings on your land are just that, blessings.  Blessings are all assigned a specific number which brings the value of your land up.  Extra blessings can be added to your land via Companions or offerings to your lands regional Deity.  Having a higher valued land can benefit you during Land Battles.  


Curses affect your land negatively.  Each Curse is assigned a specific number which brings the value of your land down.  The effects of curses can be removed via Companions.  Blessings on your land may also help counter some of the negative effects of curses.  

Hand Of Fate - Blessings and Curses

All land obtained via Deity Quests or Land Battles is considered part of the Quirlicorn realm.  As anywhere else, sometimes natural disasters strike.  The group will roll for Curses or Blessings on every Solstice and Equinox.  If a Curse your land has is RNGed, you have the option to create art to counter the effects of the curse or to take a hit and allow the curse to bring down the value of your land.  Since Blessings are also rolled, land owners have the option of creating art to gain that months blessing for their land, increasing their lands value.  

Curses and Blessings will be rolled on each Solstice and Equinox (4 rolls per year) and land owners will have a full month to create art to counter the curses or to accept the blessings. 

  • Art must be new for that Solstice/Equinox blessing/curse
  • Art must match the theme for the Blessing/Curse
  • Art must include the land owning Quirlicorn
  • Art must reach a value of 6 Chimes in order to qualify and may be done in a single piece or with multiple pieces as long as the 6 Chime minimum is reached.  (Companion/Familiar chimes not applicable towards the 6 Chimes needed) 
  • Art must be up to par with your gallery, or else the Gods may be angered and deny your wish (Please no quick sketches or point farming type images)


Your Quirlicorns can earn special ranks by owning multiple Deeds to Land.  The Higher your Quirlicorns rank the better your chances are to hold onto your land if attacked.  Higher ranks may also help you have a better chance at winning another Quirlicorns land if you attack them for it.  

Land Battles

Land battles are group sponsored events.  Any land owning Quirlicorn may enter these events and challenge another land owning Quirlicorn who has also entered the event for their land.  Quirlicorns who have not entered the event may not be attacked/challenged in order to take over their land however.  

More information on Land Battles will be posted during the official events. 


Each Quest grants you one item.  Some items are more useful than others so be sure to go for quests with items you need or actually want.  The vast majority of items can be used to Conjure Guardians, but there are a handful of special quest items (denoted by a bullseye) that can be used to Craft Artifacts. Quest Items may not be traded to other users.  Quest Items may however be shared with your other Quirlicorns.

Curse Removal

If your land has been cursed you can complete special quests to remove them.  (Also, if you really wanted you could complete quests to add Curses.)
Curse removal Quests are similar to Land Quests in that your Quirlicorn will have to complete a series of prompts in order to have the curse removed (or added) to their land.  These prompts will be hand selected and given to you by the Deity of that region after you plead your case to them.  

In order to start a Curse Removal (or addition) Quest, please follow the instructions in the pinned thread of the Curse Removal Quest Forum.  

Mountain Region

Welcome to the Mountain region, where you’ll get to see breath-taking views of nature and experience fresh crisp air that will leave your lungs feeling 10 years younger.  If you should encounter Aberfa on your questing journey you may find yourself blessed.  Beware, Aberfa has no interest in small talk and will leave you out in the rain (sometimes literally) if you can’t hold her interest.  


Rich Mines +3
Forest +4
Hot Spring +5
Healthy Wildlife +4
Healthy River +3
Rain Blessings +2
Magic Well +5
Smokey the Bear +2
Clean Air +3
Rainbows +2


Volcanic Eruptions -4
Avalanche -2
Rock slide -3
Mudslide -3
Forest Fire -4
Famine -3
Plague -3
Cave in -2
Drought -3
Flash Flood -2

Swamp Region

Welcome to the Swamp region, be careful to mind your step for this is where all the wicked creatures roam and the environment is not your friend either.  If you should encounter Keir on your questing journey you may find yourself blessed.  Beware, Keir is quite the bizarre Deity, tending to have weird tastes and a dark sense of humor.



Healthy Wildlife +4
Bountiful Rain +2
Trees +1
Healthy Standing Water +2
Healthy Water Plants +2
Witchdoctors Blessing +3
Healthy Soil +4
Mosquito Repellant +4
Reduced Humidity +3
Magic Well  +5


Famine -3
Plague -3 
Drought -4
Sulfur Heavy -1
Quicksand -2
Flood -2
Mosquito Infestation -4
High Temperatures -3
Cold Temperatures -3
Flash Flood -2

Icy Region

Welcome to the Icy region, a beautiful winter wonderland that feels as if you are frozen in time.  If you should encounter the elusive Haukea on your questing journey you may find yourself blessed.  Beware, Haukea‘s love for her sea friends is strong, and should you harm them, you may find yourself in an icy situation.  


Bountiful Rain +3
Body of Water +2
Healthy River +3
Fish +3
Hot Springs +2
More Daylight +2
Northern Lights +3
Healthy Wildlife +4
Many Flying Reindeer +1
Magic Well +5


Flood -3
Blizzard -2
Bitter cold Temperatures -3
Drought -3
Volcanic Eruption -4
Famine -3
Plague -3
Flash Flood -1
Poachers -2
Global Warming -2

Plains Region

Welcome to the Plains region, where you’ll be greeted with bountiful space and plenty of food.  If you should encounter Jagmeet on your questing journey you may find yourself blessed.  Beware, Jagmeet cares deeply for his denizens so should you mess with their health and happiness, he may not be so forgiving.


Healthy Soil +3
Bountiful Rain +3
Healthy River +4
Body of Water +2
Breeze +2
Favor of the Fairies +3
Magic Well +5
Moderate temperatures +3
Healthy Crops +4
Healthy Wildlife +4


Famine -3
Plague -3
Earthquakes -2
Tornadoes -2
Wild Fire -3
Straight line Winds -2
Flood -2
Flash Flood -2
Fairy Infestation -2
Extreme Temperatures -4

Desert Region

Welcome to the Desert region, where you’ll see rolling hills of gold that’ll take your breath away.  If you should encounter Anevay on your questing journey you may find yourself blessed.  Beware, Anevay has no interest in laid back activities, and should you venture to suggest that to her, you may find yourself in the hotspot.



Oasis +4
Hot Spring +3
Fertile Soil +3
Some Cloud Cover +2
Rain/Snow +3
Healthy Wildlife +4
Magic Well +5
Cactus’ +2
Small River +2
Shade +1


Volcanic eruption -4
Famine -3
Plague -3
Wild Fires -3
Flash Flood -2
Sandstorm -1
Heatstroke -2
Extreme Drought -4
Hallucinations -2
Saltwater Well -3

Windy Region

Welcome to the Windy region, where the wind seems to take on a life of its own.  If you should encounter Frysil on your questing journey you may find yourself blessed.  Beware, Frysil is a not of fan of overly competitive games, so if you were to suggest such a thing, you may find yourself caught up in a storm.


Breeze +2
Forest +3
Body of Water +2
healthy River +3
Healthy Wildlife +4
Pleasant Temperatures +2
Fertile Soil +4
Magic Well +5
Favor of the Fairies +2
Favourable Winds +3


Famine -3
Plague -3
Flash Flood -2
Tornadoes -4
Straight line Winds -2
Hurricane -4
Blizzard -3
Sandstorm -1
Fairy Infestation -2
Total Lack of Wind -2

Astral Region

Land from Astral region may only be obtained by Quirlicorns who have unlocked the Astral Level via Chimes

  • Easy Dream Walking +2
  • Magic Intensified +3
  • Blessing of the Gods +4
  • Magic Well +5
  • Favor of the Fairies +2
  • Easy Astral Projection +3
  • Magical Interference -3
  • Bad Energy -3
  • Dreamless sleep -2
  • Psychic Vampirism -4
  • Fairy Infestation -2
  • Grounded -3

Entropy Region

Land from Entropy region may only be obtained by Quirlicorns who have unlocked the Entropy Region

  • Blissful Chaos +3
  • Cat Cafe +4
  • Poison Ivy +5
  • Cat Scratch Fever +4
  • Neon Lights +3
  • Happy Typos +2
  • Maelstroms -4
  • Cats ruining the Ecosystem -2
  • MLP Jar -3
  • Everything is in Greyscale -3
  • Raining glass shards -4
  • Unstable Magic -3

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