Breeding Quirlicorns is pretty easy, but before we get to that let’s make sure that your Quirlicorns are eligible to breed first.

Breeding Slots

Quirlicorns start with 6 breeding slots initially, but may unlock additional slots as they earn Chime Points (Chime points must be confirmed before additional slots are unlocked). Only unlocked or originally available slots may be used for breeding and anyone caught trying to use slots that have not been unlocked or overbooking slots may be issued a warning or in severe cases be suspended or banned from breeding.  

We require that breeding slots are marked with the username of the person who is submitting the breeding.  This means the person submitting the breeding note must have their username (the account used to send in the breeding note) marked on both breeding slots in order for us to process the breeding.  

We absolutely will not process breedings sent in by friends or alternate accounts.  

Additionally, we require the breeding slots to be listed as useable.

We will not process breedings where breeding slots are marked ‘unusable’ or otherwise haven’t met agreed upon requirements in order to use the slot(s).  

If for some reason you can not use a slot because of this rule, and you can prove to us that you have met all agreed upon requirements, but the user has refused to or hasn’t been around to update your slot as useable.. Please feel free to contact us in order to clear the slot for you.  Be advised that we will not clear slots where the agreed upon requirements haven’t been met, they can not be proven to have been met, or there have been no attempts to get the user to mark the slot as useable.  

Please give users at least one week to mark your slots as usable after you’ve contacted them before reaching out to our group to help you.  

Any users caught not marking slots as usable, while otherwise active on site, may be subject to a warning, or  in repeat offense cases, a ban may be possible.  Please play responsibly and mark slots as you agreed upon.  


We do not allow inbreeding in Quirlicorns.  

This means that you may not breed two Quirlicorns who are related to each other unless their relation isn’t visible within the standard lineage grid.  

In order to check if the Quirlicorns you wish to breed together are related simply check their lineage.  If they share any horses in their lineage, they are considered related and may not be bred to each other. 


Quirlicorns has a standard male to female breeding rule, so if you are sending in for a breeding it must be a male being bred to a female unless you possess and wish to use a Heaven’s Wish Dew, which allows male to male and female to female breedings.  OR, you are breeding to a bi-directional sexchanging (Gender changing) Quirlicorn.  

Applying Dews

Quirlicorns have a variety of Sacred Tree Dews which can grant certain characteristics to your foal or guarantee certain outcomes for your breeding.  If you own a Dew and wish to apply it to a breeding you must let us know which Dew(s) you wish to apply to your  breeding at the time you send in the breeding note.  

However, Cursed Dews are applied after breeding, please do not send these in your breeding note.  

Cross Breeding

Quirlicorns may not officially cross breed to equines of other breeds.  What this means is that we will not acknowledge any cross bred foals as legitimate Quirlicorns and as such we’d prefer it if any cross bred foals not look like Quirlicorns.  If you choose to breed your Quirlicorn to another breed, we will not stop or reprimand you for it, just keep in mind that such breedings and foals have nothing to do with our group.  

Ancient Quirlicorns

Ancient Quirlicorns are the standard (generally) white Quirlicorns with markings in various shapes and colors.  Genetically they stand apart from the Modern Quirlicorns by having the [ee aa] genos within brackets.  Ancient Quirlicorns also carry the nW (dominant white) gene which is passed on as natural dominant white to Modern foals.  

Modern Quirlicorns are dominant to Ancient Quirlicorns when it comes to breeding them together so the rule of thumb is this:

To explain this a little further, if you breed two Ancient Quirlicorns together you’ll get the standard white with a variety of colors to choose from for the markings, while if you breed an ancient Quirlicorn to a Modern Quirlicorn, you’ll get a Modern Quirlicorn with a natural coat and the potential for modern dom white (nW/WW) to pass.

Modern Quirlicorns

Modern Quirlicorns are Quirlicorns that mimic natural horse genetics and patterns.  This is pretty much like you see in most other breeds, the standard genos (ee aa) plus paint and appaloosa markings and modifiers.  

These Quirlicorns do not have unnatural colored markings or unnatural marking shapes sizes etc. since they mimic natural horses.

As stated above already, Modern Quirlicorns are dominant to Ancient Quirlicorns so the rule of thumb when breeding them is this:

This means anytime you breed a Modern Quirlicorn, you will get a Modern Quirlicorn foal with Modern Quirlicorn genos.  

Color Fusion Quirlicorns

Color Fusion Quirlicorns are a mix of Ancient and Modern Quirlicorns, literally.  They carry both charasteristics and sets of genos, similiar to chimerism.  When breeding to a Color Fusion Quirlicorn, you may specify if you’d wish to use the Ancient OR the Modern geno.  


Quirlicorns have a number of breedable mutations, we ask that you take a look at our Anomalies Page to have a closer look at them.  However, if you’re interested in how Mutation genes are passed during the breeding process this is the rule of thumb:

HaHa + HaHa = HaHa

HaHa + nHa = 50% HaHa / 50% nHa

nHa + nHa = 25% HaHa / 50% nHa / 25% normal

nHa + normal = 50% nHa / 50% normal

Rolled RNG Traits

When we roll breedings we automatically roll for these possible RNG traits as well.

Ready To Breed Some Quirlicorns?

Please be sure that the Quirlicorns you wish to breed are eligible to be bred together and that any relevant breeding information (gender, genos, region, lineage, breeding slots) is easily found in the registration images before submitting your thread.

If everything is in order you can proceed by submitting a thread in our “Breeding” forum.

Please submit all breeding threads with the following form filled out as completely as possible:

Sire: (Log link)
Geno:  (if Color Fusion, please choose the Ancient OR the Modern geno)

Dam: (Log link)
Geno: (if Color Fusion, please choose the Ancient OR the Modern geno)

Dew(s) to apply:

Designing Your Foal

Once we have processed your breeding you will receive a reply with an ID number for your new foal and 4 genos from which you may chose 1.  

At this point you may design your new foal using our Foal Lines by picking 1 of the genos given.  

After you have designed your new foal please submit it to our  Design Nexus for approval.  Foal designs are approved once we have looked them over and uploaded their design to our QuirlicornAdmin gallery. Alternately you can also see if a foal design is finished being processed by checking our Registry.  

If any changes need to be made to the design before it can be processed, we will contact you about it and let you know what needs to be edited in order for your design to be approved.  


A note regarding Parent Slots

We have decided that parent slots will remain something that members need to work out among each other when giving or receiving breeding slots.  However, we’ll also be implementing a system where Parent slots will NOT count towards the slots given on a horse.  Those of you who wish to give parent slots, or give them as part of a breeding deal, know that they will not count towards your horses breeding slots.  

Please note: If you own one or both of the parents, you may NOT give yourself extra breeding slots.  Parent slots are ONLY for slots owed to OTHER members.  It is also worth noting that parent slots are for the parent owners at the time you got the slots.  If a Quirlicorn is transferred to another user before you breed it etc, the new owner doesn’t get the Parent Slot, instead the original owner should be listed.  

In order to take advantage of the free parent slots, we do however ask that you mark them separately in your breeding lists. 

Breeding list:

  • 1. MemberX
  • 2. MemberY
  • 3. Open
  • 4. Open
  • 5. Open
  • 6. Open

Parent Slots:

  • Sire: MemberG
  • Dam: MemberP
If you have previously given out parent slots you may move them to the new location in your breeding lists in order to clear up those slots for yourselves again.  
Marking parent slots in a separate section of your breeding slots will be your own responsibility if you wish to take advantage of the free slots.  If they are mixed into regular breeding slots we will count them like normal slots so please be sure to separate them out in order for them not to count against your regular slots.

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