Regional Transformations

||Darkside|| by The-Day-of-Shadow

Regional Transformations are unlocked by Quirlicorns once they reach and are confirmed at 80 Chimes.  Quirlicorns who have not earned enough Chimes yet may still access Regional Transformations on the Solstice and Equinox.  

Regional transformations may be turned on or off at will after they are unlocked.  This means the Quirlicorn with them unlocked must not show them at all times.  Regional transformations may be shown fully, partially, or not at all as you see fit.  

All Regions Transformations

Quirlicorns with All Regions may select transformations from any region they wish.  Mix and matching transformations from different regions is also permitted. All Regions transformations may be as simple as fire tipped wings, or as complex as gills made of stone.  The options are entirely up to the Quirlicorns owner.  

Mountains & Windy Transformations

The Mountain and Windy regions share transformations.  These regions grant wings of all types to the Quirlicorns who belong to them.  Wings may be placed on the back, head, legs, rump etc.  Wings also aren’t limited to a single set. 

The Plains region transformations grant all the earthyness of this region.  Stones or Crystals may grow anywhere on the Quirlicorn, alternately Salt rocks may also grow on them.  Sometimes moss may grow on the stones/rocks or Quirlicorn as well.  

Plains Transformations

Desert Transformations

The Desert region transformations are hot, hot, hot!  Flaming hair is the most common, but these hot Quirlicorns may also produce steam that comes off of their bodies when they are in cooler climates.  Also, they tend to look wicked cool! 

The Icy region transformations are a bit fishy.  Hippocampus belong to this region and come in all different shapes colors and sizes.  Any type of aquatic animal is permitted to be part of the transformation.  

Icy Transformations

Swamp Transformations

The Swamp region transformations allow these Quirlicorns to become scaley, gilly, finny creatures fit for lurking in swamps and enduring both heat and humidity.  Some may also grow things like seaweed or other wet humid swampy type plants. 

Entropy Transformations may not be unlocked until the Quirlicorn in question has officially unlocked the Entropy region.  Additional horns may be randomly placed and are not required to be standard Quirlicorn horns (horns may not be placed in the genital region) with a limit of 10 horns.  
Willow Wisps may surround the Quirlicorn.  Body pieces may be fragmented, or detached.  

Entropy Transformations

Astral Transformations

Astral Transformations may not be unlocked until the Quirlicorn in question has officially reached the Astral level via Chime points.  These Quirlicorns may display Planetary Rings, Halos, and Nebulas.  Unlocking the Astral region may also affect previous Regional forms.  

Enhanced Astral Transformations

Things can now be held within the stones on the pelt, such as terrariums or aquariums, or even the appearance of glittering stars or even lava.

Manes and tails of fire may now radiate with multiple colors, however natural or unnatural. Manes and tails may also be lava if desired.

Wings effects on the body are more extensive. Dragon-winged Quirlicorns can now have scales and dragon tails, feathered winged Quirlicorns may now have tail feathers in place of a tail, and feathers along their bodies, etc.

Hippocampus are now able to swim over the land, hovering over surfaces, and able to keep fish and other water creatures safe around them. They may also have a constant ‘under-water’ effect, such as floating manes, dancing shadows and light, etc.

Reptile Tail expands scales over the body, even possibly taking away the hind legs to be snake tails. Fin ears can now create fins all over the body. Able to grow more than one plant in their mane/tail of any kind.

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