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Below you will find the specifics for each type of Guardian available in our breed, but before we get to that we’d like to go over what Guardians are in our breed.  What do they do?  Why should you have one?  How do they work?  etc…  

Who can have a Guardian?

Similar to Familiars, Guardians are assigned to a specific Quirlicorn.  Once a Guardian has been assigned to a Quirlicorn it can not be traded or removed.  Guardians are a lifetime commitment.  

Guardians may be owned by anyone, but for conjuring purposes they may only be conjured by Land Owning Quirlicorns. 
This means if you win a Guardian in an event your Quirlicorn does not have to be a land owner before it can have the Guardian applied to it. 
If you are conjuring a Guardian using Quest items, you will however need to own land first.  

You may apply as many Guardians of any type as you’d like to your Quirlicorn, however bonuses that are given by each can only be claimed/used by one at a time.  

Guardian Blessings

The primary purpose of Guardians is to aid the Quirlicorn in its land ownership.  Guardians are designed to help protect your land from invaders during land battles.  

While most of the Quirliverse still remains unclaimed, Guardians mostly act as companions to their Quirlicorns, granting specific blessings onto them. 
In the past some Guardians were able to grant additional magics to their Quirlicorns, though with all the options available within the breed to earn those same magics, new Guardians are opting to give new blessings instead. (If you have a Guardian that was conjured and registered before 12/30/2021 your Quirlicorn will still be eligible to receive that Guardians magic.)

Each Guardian also grants special transformations to their Quirlicorns. 
Guardian Transformations function the same as Regional Transformations do, the Quirlicorn may turn them on or off at will.    
While your Quirlicorn may have as many Guardians as you’d like, they are limited to a total of three (3) transformation blessings from their guardians.  
Transformations must also avoid turning your Quirlicorn into a creature that is no longer recognizable as an Equine.  

Guardian Bonuses are a new Guardian blessing.  
Quirlicorns with registered Guardians are eligible for additional bonuses.  These bonuses can range from extra joust drops, to additional Artifact slots.  

Joust Bonus

When this Guardian and its Quirlicorn are in an official Joust, this Guardian rewards its owner with an additional Joust drop.

Available to the following Guardians: 

  • All Non Mythical Guardians

Double Quest

When this Guardian and its Quirlicorn complete Land/Deity Quests together the amount of items gained will be doubled.

Available to the following Guardians: 

  • Basilisk
  • Leviathan
  • Roc

Regional Questing

When this Guardian and its Quirlicorn do Land/Deity Quests together they may repeat a specific region in favor of skipping another. (4 prompts from one region)

Available to the following Guardians: 

  • Chimera
  • Harpy
  • Hydra

Re-Roll the Bread!

This Guardian allows one re-rolling/additional roll of Breedings from the Quirlicorn it is attached to. (1 re-roll limit per breeding)

Available to the following Guardians: 

  • All Non Mythical Guardians
  • Griffin
  • Selkie

Power Up!

This Guardian grants an additional Artifact slot to the Quirlicorn it belongs to.

Available to the following Guardians: 

  • Hellhound
  • Naga
  • Phoenix

Blessed Blossom

This Guardian grants it's Quirlicorn a Regional Blossom every time that Quirlicorn sends in a Chime check and unlocks a new level.

Available to the following Guardians: 

  • Fairy
  • Kirin


This Guardian grants 1 Gold Booty Box to its Quirlicorn every time that Quirlicorn sends in a Chime Check and unlocks a new level.

Available to the following Guardians: 

  • Dragon
  • Mermaid
  • Troll

Spiral Mania

This Guardian grants 20 Spirals to its Quirlicorn every time that Quirlicorn sends in a Chime Check and unlocks a new level.

Available to the following Guardians: 

  • All Non Mythical Guardians

Super Nova

This Guardian grants 5 Novas to its Quirlicorn every time that Quirlicorn sends in a Chime Check and unlocks a new level.

Available to the following Guardians: 

  • Cockatrice
  • Manticore

Dinosaur Guardians

Unlock 1 Event Magic without having to enter your Quirlicorn in the event up to 2 times per year. (For a total of 2 event magics yearly) (Event magics must be claimed no later than 1 month after the events closure.)

Grants the following Rewards: 

  • These guardians are only available from select official Quirlicorn Events

Gene Eraser

This Guardian blesses its Quirlicorns foals with the option to remove an unwanted gene (may remove recessive or dominant genes. EE/AA included)

Available to the following Guardians: 

  • Arachne
  • Kitsune
  • Thunder Bird

A Note about Gene Eraser: erasing EE or AA from your Quirlicorn will result in a void which may leave the coat completely black OR it may make any parts of the Quirlicorns body that show the base coat color invisible.  (A Voided Tobiano may look like an invisible horses body with Tobiano markings over it) 
Hair, horn and hooves may not be voided. 


Mythical Guardians

Additional legs without use of Dew AND/OR Multiple Eyes

Scales AND/OR Fangs

Additional Heads without use of Dews AND/OR Snake Tail

Cock Head (other birds also allowed) AND/OR Talons

Scales AND/OR Dragon Spines

Fairy Wings AND/OR Glitter Trail

Talons AND/OR cat tail

Talons AND/OR Feathered tail

Flame Covered topline AND/OR Fangs

Additional Heads without use of Dew AND/OR Fins

Fox Tail AND/OR elemental mane and tail

Scales AND/OR Golden Horn/Hooves

Allows Size between 20hh – 30hh AND/OR Fins

Scorpion Tail AND/OR Lion Mane

Scales AND/OR seaweed or kelp mane and tail

Half Snake Body AND/OR Scales

Fire Covered topline AND/OR Feathers on the body

Allows Size between 20hh – 30hh AND/OR Feathers

Flippers AND/OR Half Seal or Sea Lion body

Lightning Covered Coat AND/OR Feathers

Saplings Charm without use of Dew AND/OR troll doll hair that sticks up

Non-Mythical Guardians

Non Mythical Guardians may grant up to one physical trait from the animal as a Transformation for its Quirlicorn.  
For example a dog or canine Guardian could grant paws instead of hooves for the transformation.  
A fish could grant fins or gills for the transformation, while a bird may grant feathers or wings, etc. 

12/29/2021 an overhaul of the Guardian system has removed ability to remove curses from land as well as receive extra magics from specific Guardians.  Any Guardians that were conjured prior to this date will still be eligible for the magic and the curse removals.  However, new Guardians will only have access to the newer Guardian Bonuses instead.  

Conjuring Guardians

Guardians are Conjured using 7 Quest items.  Please be sure that you have the needed amount in your bank before trying to Conjure your new Guardian.

Only Land Owning Quirlicorns may Conjure Guardians.  (Guardians received through other means do not need to be landowners however)

If you have checked your bank and are certain that you have the items needed to conjure your new Guardian please make a thread in the Guardians Forum.

Title the thread “Guardian Conjuring”
In the thread include which Guardian you are Conjuring
In the thread please also include the Quirlicorns log you wish to conjure the Guardian for


Guardians appearances are up to the owner however they ultimately do need to follow the basic appearances of the type of animal they are.  Mythological Guardians may have appearances within the range of descriptions or various myths about the creature.  As far as non Mythical Guardians go, they must meet the same basic requirements as above.  Canine Guardians may be any kind of non Mythical canine, but must be a real breed of canine for example.  


To Register your Guardian either use our official Guardian lines and design your Guardian or (if we don’t have lines for the given guardian type) create your own image of their design and submit it to our Guardian Registration forum.

Please be sure that the following information is clearly listed 

Image Link:
Guardians Name:
Link to Guardians Quirlicorn: (log)
Link to Guardian Conjuring Thread: (If your guardian came from the bank, please link the claiming thread in this place)
Guardian Blessing Chosen:
(Non Mythical Guardians may only select one of the following blessings to give their Quirlicorn: Joust Bonus, Re-roll the Bread!, or Spiral Mania) 

You should receive a reply letting you know that your Guardian is registered.  If you don’t get a reply for some reason, you can check the Guardian Log Forum to see if yours has been added yet.  

Please keep in mind that starting in 2022 new Guardians will not grant any blessings unless they are registered.  This includes transformations as well.  


Breeding will be added in the future as the breed expands and Guardians become more common.  sta.sh


Guardians won in events/in your bank are not eligible to be transferred to other users.  

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