Are You Ready For Quirltober?

Quirltober is a fun and light hearted event similar to the popular Inktober.  
For this event participants should use the prompts below to create art of Quirlicorns.  The prompts are set up so that you’ll have one prompt for each day in October, but how many prompts you complete is entirely up to you.  Keep in mind though that the more prompts you complete, the better the rewards.  

Prompt List:

Reward Tiers:

31 Pieces Completed:

1 Mystic Quirlicorn + all lower tier rewards

25 Pieces Completed:

1 Plot of Land + all lower tier rewards

20 Pieces Completed:

1 Guardian + all lower tier rewards

15 Pieces Completed:

1 Token of Choice + all lower tier rewards

10 Pieces Completed:

20 Chimes + all lower tier rewards

5 Pieces Completed:

1 Dew of Choice


Participating in Quirltober is easy.  Simply draw a Quirlicorn using a daily prompt.  If drawing isn’t your cup of tea, we also welcome literature entries.  
Since this is a month long project where you’re expected to create one work of art a day (you can break these up as you see fit however), we wont be asking for full illustrations for each prompt.  

That being said, we ask that you put a reasonable amount of time/effort into each piece and not merely present us with 3 minute doodles.  

Interpreting the prompts is pretty much up to you, but remember that you must follow the provided prompts rather than make up your own.  If your piece doesn’t clearly display the prompt we may ask you to explain to us how it fits the prompt.  If it doesn’t fit the prompt we can’t count it towards this event.  

At the end of the event you will be responsible with presenting us links to every piece you completed in order to qualify for prizes.  

Please use the Quirltober 2022 Forum thread with the following information to claim your prizes: 

  • How many pieces were completed: 
  • Link to folder or collection with all pieces: 


November 8th, 2022 11:59PM CST

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