Jagmeet of the Plains Region

Personality: Very stoic and even-tempered, he does not usually speak unless he’s given it a lot of thought. A truly neutral entity, he is often referred to as the creator of the land and all the creatures on it, and is thus usually worshipped as a secondary to anyone’s primary deity. His magics are usually the most necessary for anyone’s survival, and therefore his curses will spell doom for any who dare invoke them. He can be found wondering the Plains Region, being a true nomad. He does enjoy the occasional company, but never usually goes seeking them himself as he prefers to be an observer, making him usually only seen at a distance rather than up close.

Haukea of the Icy Region

Personality: An Aloof one the deity of Icy Region, usually hard to find and even harder to talk to. Found usually below the ice flows in the coldest parts of her region, she will sometimes break through the ice to look around (which is as easy as a hot knife through butter for her). When she does choose to spend time among her worshippers, she is very easygoing and playful and often can be seen playing with foals when she’s on land (very rarely). It’s hard for her to dislike anyone, but when she does you will be very aware of it. Blizzards, lack of rain, flooding, and even the occasionally nip of frost in the night just to reaffirm her distaste.

Anevay of the Desert Region

Personality: Very passionate about the things she loves, and will defend them to the death (which will more than likely be YOUR funeral). Short tempered, very energetic, and will not waste her time on anything that does not interest her. She THRIVES on the high she gets from her worshippers, and often will have immediate responses to any and all prayers or requests. You probably wont be able to tell right away if you’re blessed or cursed, as all of her magic is flashy and dangerous, but you will know for sure once the effects kick in. She can be usually found in the largest Desert Oasis, but has been known to travel the sands of her region from time to time, usually marching the boarder

Frysil of the Windy Region

Personality: Very Personable, and enjoys spending his time with his worshippers at any opportunity he’s given. Often seen leasurly soaring just over the land of his region, he’s very easy to find and much easier to talk to. Usually he speaks in a sing-song voice, no matter his mood though it’s usually cheerful, and will usually distribute minor blessings everywhere and anywhere he can. If he dislikes you and curses you however, he goes from whispering wind to roaring hurricane faster than any of his fellow deities. His curses are devastating but usually short lived, as he can’t stay angry at anyone for very long at all, usually calming down in no time (sometimes in the same minute).

Aberfa of the Mountain Region

Personality: A true hermit, this deity spends most of her time flying over her domain or observing from the tops of the steep mountains as to not be bothered. She does not enjoy anyone wasting her time, and will not hesitate to just leave in the middle of a conversation, muttering something about business elsewhere. If you do, however, pique her interest, she will eagerly listen to all you have to say before heading back off on her rounds. Her gifts are for the mind, so she favors deep thinkers and will often leave small gifts to those who have pleased her in anyway. Her blessings are usually unnoticed, as she prefers it, but her curses are well known and horrific. She has few enemies for long.

Keir of the Swamp Region

Personality: Quite Jovial but in the darkest sense of the word. The Swamp Deity can be usually heard but not seen in his myre, as he uses the shadows to travel most of the time. His signature deep, haunting cackle can be heard echoing through the trees to announce his presence. That’s the only warning you get before he has his way with the poor souls who aren’t familiar with his territory, before pulling up beasts from the water or tress, shifting into a monster to really terrify his victim or even dragging them into the swamp. He will also sometimes loop you through the same stretch of forest for hours to watch you struggle to come to terms with it. His worshipers know to not rely on an immediate response from the lord of darkness, but you’ll be very aware when he finally comes to you. He will usually reveal himself in the night, clacking his skull with laughter before speaking in his deep, echoing voice, usually silencing the chorus of insects and creatures around him. Blessings and Curses are hard to tell apart with this one, as both are going to benefit and hinder you pretty equally.

Zahavah of the Astral Region

Personality: Solitary guardian, the gentle voice of the astral deity puts all in her presence at ease. She doesn’t mind having others on her plane, but she won’t interact much. A true observer, there is just far too much to watch and see without the distraction of conversations or trivial contact with others. This by no means is from a lack of interest in the small creatures in her sight, as she prefers to sit on the sidelines and rarely if ever pull a string here or there to steer anyone or anything. She rather enjoys watching the mortals in all realms handle themselves then she does by interacting with them herself. 

Zahavah is technically genderless but identifies as female.  She can also alter her height at will and may not always appear at her actual 30hh height.  


Personality: Peabody is a fun loving guy.  He’s always ready to party or jump into the fray of things.  
His eye patch is merely an accessory, his eye beneath works perfectly fine, but he enjoys others getting flustered when he makes up ridiculous stories about how his eye was lost.  
In the winter Peabody gets cold easily so he has started collecting sweaters, jackets, and pajamas.  He adores ugly sweaters and they are his favorite brand of offerings.  

Peabody doesn’t meow as a regular cat would, instead he honks.  sta.sh

Asani of the Entropy Region

Personality: Asani is a wild child with a big personality stuck in a tiny package.  At only 4hh tall, they use their friend Peabody as a mount to ride into metaphorical battle.  Asani is all about chaos so you can never be sure what you’ll get while interacting with them. One wouldn’t necessarily describe Asani as friendly nor mean, instead unpredictable is commonly used.  
If you’re ready to go on a wild ride, Asani will gladly guide you on your way.  If you prefer order, it’s best to steer clear of them.  

Asani has a floating head which is not fully attached to their body.

Sir Deviled Egg McEggerton of the Eggo Region

Personality: Sir Deviled Egg McEggerton is a delicious dude but may cause stomach upset if you have too many bites.  He spends his day tempting your taste buds and then having you regretting your life choices after you give in to the temptation.  You can find Sir Deviled Egg McEggerton’s Link here

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