Welcome to the Quirlicorn Joust

Below we will outline what exactly the Quirlicorn Joust is, how this ongoing event works, how you can participate, and what types of prizes you can win by participating.  If anything is unclear or you don’t fully understand something, please feel free to ask us to clarify it for you.

Quirlicorns are generally not suited for most equine events.  While they absolutely can participate in any form of eventing, the breed excels in sparring and use of magic above all else.  As such we’re providing a safe space for these beautiful unicorns to follow their passions and do the things they are built for.  

The Quirlicorn Joust is an ongoing event, which will have new prompts posted on the first of each month.  Participation in the Quirlicorn Joust is completely voluntary and there are no requirements for how often you have to participate.  While there will only be 1 prompt each month, weekly participation is permitted and encouraged.  

Participating in the Quirlicorn Joust is pretty simple and straightforward,  using the prompt given for that month, draw your Quirlicorn sparring with another Quirlicorn (we encourage using our Group horses for this) or working on your Quirlicorns magic.  

Literature entries are also welcome.  

Once your piece is completed submit a link to it in a new thread in our Quirlicorn Joust Forum.  After we receive your thread with your link, we will roll your rewards for that Joust.  

April's Prompt - Showers

You are welcome to interpret the prompt however you see fit, but you must include it as an element of your entries for this month.


New prompts are posted on the 1st of each month and run for the full month. Members may enter up to once per week (Monday – Sunday) using the corresponding prompt for that month. 

New weeks start on Monday’s CST.  This means entries for that week must be received no later than Sunday at 11:59PM CST.  


Stamina Points

Stamina Points are what determine the tier of drop items that get rolled from after your Quirlicorn(s) enter the Joust.  The higher your horses Stamina Points, the better the tier for drop items, which simply means higher chances of more valuable items being dropped.  

Stamina Points only benefit Quirlicorns during Jousts and in no other areas of the group, as such they can not be transfered to other Quirlicorns.  

Earned Stamina Points are applied to the Quirlicorn who earned them, earned Stamina Points are not transferrable.

By default, Stamina Points are earned for each Quirlicorn that enters the Joust.  This means that any Quirlicorn who enters the Joust will earn Stamina Points.  

Stamina Points given from drops are also considered earned Stamina Points and will be applied to the Quirlicorn who won/earned them.  

Aside from Earned Stamina Points, we also have a few Stamina Point Boosters.  

Stamina Point Boosters are items or opportunities which you may use to boost your Quirlicorns stats for the Joust it is entering.  

Currently we have the following Stamina Point Boosters available:


Group Horse Drop Boost:

Stamina Tiers:

Sparring Tack Stamina Points Boost:


Item Drops

Item drops are based on the tier that is being rolled from. The higher your Quirlicorns Stamina Points, the higher the tier that will get rolled from.

Item drops vary from extra Stamina Points, extra rolls to Custom Mutation Starters.  Any items available through our breed are included in the various tiers with more valuable items being more likely to roll in higher tiers.  


Disclaimer: Each Quirlicorn may only get one Custom Import drop over the course of its life.  This is to encourage members to involve more than just one of their Quirlicorns in the Joust events.  Should a member still choose to continue entering with the same Quirlicorn, even after it has won a Custom Import, if that item drops for that Quirlicorn in the future it will simply be disregarded and re-rolled.  

Sparring Tack may also only drop once per user.  If it drops as an item for you and you already have a set of Sparring Tack, we will re-roll that drop for you. 

Using Our Group Horses

Please do not depict our Group Horses becoming seriously injured or being overly violent.  Our Group Horses are all friendly and respectful, they understand that our Joust events are there as a means to help other Quirlicorns grow in strength, and are NOT intended to be used as a display of force over anyone.

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