Solstice and Equinox Events

Twice a year the solstices and equinoxes can be observed around the globe. (Four yearly observations total, two solstices and two equinoxes)
Quirlicorns gain their magic from the sun and moon respectively and as a result can experience magic they have not yet earned and access their regional transformations during each solstice and equinox.  

Your Quirlicorn may celebrate their respective solstice (summer or winter) or equinox (spring or autumn), though please be mindful of your regions and what parts of the world are currently in Summer and which are in Winter.  For more information on what magics and transformations are available see our Regional Transformations page

Spring Equinox 2022

Below is a short story to go along with this event.  If reading isn’t your cup of tea or you simply would prefer to skip over it, you are more than welcome to do so.  Simply follow the theme for this event, and include the specified Deity and/or Group Horse in your entry for the special magic reward.  

Theme: Holiday Madness

Spring Equinox 2022 by Gr8ves

The Spring Equinox was upon the Quirliverse as Frysil was getting ready to start the celebrations.  Before he was able to however, Asani and Peabody crashed in, figuratively speaking, to take over the show.  
“Hey, it’s been forever since we’ve had the opportunity to celebrate an Equinox with others, do you mind if we scoot our butts on in here and take over?”  Asani asked the much larger deity quite casually.  
Frysil looked down at the new chaos god and smiled.  “I guess I could take this year off.”  “I’d be doing you a favor and this might be a fun way to breathe some life into Spring as well.”  he replied.  
The tiny deity, pleased with the answer, mounted their trusty steed.. er, cat.  
“You wont regret this, we’re going to have so much fun!”  Asani exclaimed to Frysil who swore he saw the cat wink at him.  
“Yeah, well just don’t do anything too crazy or Jagmeet might have my head.”  Frysil spread his wings and fluttered off to greener pastures.  
“You ready for some madness?”  Peabody asked his partner. 
“Of course I am.”  “Now let’s go find some Group Horses to wrangle into our plan.”  Asani already knew who they were going to enlist to help make this an unforgettable Equinox.  

Snake Eyes and Fiction were about to be dragged into something they probably weren’t prepared for at all, but the Entropy pair didn’t mind.  

“Are you sure we have to do this?”  Fiction protested after the small duo discovered his location.  “I thought I only had to do things for Anevay, last time I checked neither of you are her.”  He pouted.  
“Don’t worry my guy, she’ll love what we have in store for this Equinox so you might as well just roll with it.”  Asani said from atop Snake Eyes who clearly looked quite unsure about what exactly was happening.  
Beside Fiction, Peabody slid up to him gently rubbing on his legs like cats tend to do.  Once Peabody had his attention he whispered “I’ll buy you a new manga of choice if you go along with our plans.”  

Everyone knew there was no way Fiction could turn down a good manga.  These two tricksters certainly play dirty, but it got them their way as the stallion relented.  

“So, what is the plan?”  Snake Eyes asked from behind.  
“We’re going to celebrate every holiday!”  Asani replied cheerfully.  
“Every holiday?” Fiction raised a brow in confusion.  
“Yes, every holiday.”  “All at once.”  “Today!”  Peabody replied.  

Asani was absolutely beaming with excitement it almost seemed as if some of their excitement was rubbing off on poor Snake Eyes who had begun tapping his feet with excited pitter patters.  
Fiction rolled his eyes but forged ahead with dreams of new manga in his sight.  

“This is going to be so much fun!”  Asani squealed.  

All Entries that include Peabody, Asani, Snake Eyes or Fiction will also receive Asani’s Gift “TBA“.  


  • Any discipline is welcome 
  • Riders and tack are optional
  • display your Quirlicorn celebrating any holiday 
  • keep your Quirlicorns region in mind when choosing magic and transformations 
  • Only Quirlicorns may enter this show, no other breeds will be allowed, sorry
  • You may only display magic and transformations which you will unlock as your Quirlicorn levels so choose wisely! 
  • You may enter one or all of your Quirlicorns but you are only eligible for participation prizes once during this show.
  • Your entry must be new and for this show
  • Tracing is allowed though we encourage you to try putting your best effort in without the need of tracing
  • Visual, literature, and anthro entries welcome!
  • You must cite any stock or resources used in the artists comment section of your entry
  • ALL Quirlicorns entered in the show get an automatic +2 Chime points 
  • Collaborations are not allowed, all work submitted should be your own

Please link to each Quirlicorn’s log in your entry.  If the log is not linked we can not guarantee that Asani’s Gift will be added to them.  



Deadline: May 20, 2022

Deadline Exceeded!


Please be sure to post your completed Solstice entry to our official Spring Equinox 2022 thread, OR as a Note to our DeviantArt Group before the deadline! 

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