Solstice and Equinox Events

Twice a year the solstices and equinoxes can be observed around the globe. (Four yearly observations total, two solstices and two equinoxes)
Quirlicorns gain their magic from the sun and moon respectively and as a result can experience magic they have not yet earned and access their regional transformations during each solstice and equinox.  

Your Quirlicorn may celebrate their respective solstice (summer or winter) or equinox (spring or autumn), though please be mindful of your regions and what parts of the world are currently in Summer and which are in Winter.  For more information on what magics and transformations are available see our Regional Transformations page

Spring Equinox 2024

Below is a short story to go along with this event.  If reading isn’t your cup of tea or you simply would prefer to skip over it, you are more than welcome to do so.  Simply follow the theme for this event, and include the specified Deity and/or Group Horse in your entry for the special magic reward.  

Theme: A Frosty Spring!

Write about or draw your Quirlicorn enjoying a frozen spring and celebrating the Equinox

Haukea stirred from her slumber, a bit surprised at just how… warm she felt. She opened her eyes, only to come face to face with Asani, who was wiggling like an excited puppy. “It worked!” Asani yipped, nearly stepping on Peabody’s tail as he pranced around the small cave. 

Haukea was confused, but memories were coming back to her… slowly. Asani visiting, the strange new brew of tea he wanted her to try…. 

“You slept for so long I was starting to get worried, but my genius knows no bounds!” 

Haukea rose above the ground, flicking her tail in a way that clearly stated she was irritated, but Asani didn’t notice. Peabody certainly did though, and quickly moved back.

“What do you mean I slept for so long?” Haukea said, a frosty chill whipping through the air. 

Asani slipped slightly on the sheen of ice that was starting to cover the floor. “I had a theory, and I just had to try it! It was totally awesome though! You see I found this plant in Entropy and I was wondering what it did and I mean deities are practically bomb proof, so I figured-” 

Haukea’s anger grew as Asani continued to go through the specifics of trying out this new plant on her… and the consequences.

“So. You are telling me. You fed me some unknown plant, without my permission, that caused me to sleep all winter?! ” 

“Well…. yes?” 

“And made me miss the Solstice?!”


“That’s it. We need to fix this, and yes I do mean we. You are helping.”

Frysil wasn’t hard to find, preparing for the Equinox celebrations. 

“Haukea, thank goodness you are okay! We were worried when you didn’t show up for Solstice, it was a quiet one this year.”

“Well, you can blame this one,” Haukea huffed, gesturing at Asani who was doing his best to blend into the background.

“But that’s a story for another time. Our people still deserve a Solstice.”

Frysil tilted his head. “How do you think we should do that?”

Working together, the two deities created a balance. Spring was blooming, but it began to bloom icy flowers. The air had the promise of warmth, but the ground became covered in snow. Ice creatures rose to join the celebration. Together they created a mix of their celebrations, Asani sprinkling a bit of chaos in when they weren’t looking.


“That ought to do it,” Haukea hummed, looking around. Frysil nodded, proud of their work. It was spring, but as if spring had been frozen in time. Now they just needed to celebrate!

All Entries that include Frysil, Haukea, Asani, Peabody or any active Group Horse will also receive Frysil’s Gift “Crystallize” 


  • Any discipline is welcome 
  • Riders and tack are optional
  • display your Quirlicorn celebrating spring in a frozen winter wonderland
  • keep your Quirlicorns region in mind when choosing magic and transformations 
  • Only Quirlicorns may enter this show, no other breeds will be allowed, sorry
  • You may only display magic and transformations which you will unlock as your Quirlicorn levels so choose wisely! 
  • You may enter one or all of your Quirlicorns but you are only eligible for participation prizes once during this show.
  • Your entry must be new and for this show
  • Tracing is allowed though we encourage you to try putting your best effort in without the need of tracing
  • Visual, literature, and anthro entries welcome!
  • You must cite any stock or resources used in the artists comment section of your entry
  • ALL Quirlicorns entered in the show get an automatic +2 Chime points 
  • Collaborations are not allowed, all work submitted should be your own

Please link to each Quirlicorn’s log in your entry.  If the log is not linked we can not guarantee that Frysil’s Gift will be added to them.  



Deadline: May 19th, 2024

Deadline Exceeded!

Please be sure to post your completed Solstice entry to our official Spring Equinox 2024 thread.

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