Fall Equinox 2022

Summer was lingering in the air as temperatures and humidity remained well above average over most of the Quirliverse.  

Halo checked the calendar, surprised that the fall equinox was already upon her. 
“This won’t do!” she exclaimed before briefly shaking off her displeasure and heading out into the wilderness. 
Half a world away Kat was enjoying some down time pushing some balls of yarn around, completely oblivious to what day it was when she was suddenly very rudely interrupted by a wormhole opening up directly next to her head. 
Kat startled and then fumbled to collect her yarn before tucking it behind her where she prayed it was out of sight. 
“Knock, Knock!”  “I’m coming in!”  a familiar voice rang, or would it be knocked?

Before Kat could reply Halo was sticking her face through the wormhole, now eye to eye with her friend and fellow Deity adherent. 
Halo grinned “Is that yarn you’re hiding?”  gesturing behind the striped mare. 
“Don’t be ridiculous!”  Kat snorted out.  “Maybe also don’t startle me like that.”  She added. 

Halo stepped out from the wormhole and swung around, her rump now pressed firmly against Kat’s face.  “Thanks for the transport friend!” she said to whoever was clearly on the other side of the wormhole.  Probably the person who opened it to begin with.  Everyone knew Halo didn’t have that magic yet.  


Offended, Kat blew a raspberry into Halo’s cheeks, coaxing a shrill squeak out of her while also getting her to quickly move her rear!  “Excuse you! That’s assault!”
“Maybe don’t stick your butt in my face next time!” Kat clapped back.  

Both mares shook off their mild trauma. 
“So, what do you want?” Kat asked bluntly.  

Halo moved in closer “did you forget what today is?” a confused look on Kat’s face, the dark mare continued “it’s the equinox, you dunce!” 
Kat’s eyes went wide “OMG, how could I forget one of the best days of the year!” “Wait, where’s Aberfa”?  

Halo looked off into the distance before turning back and replying.  “I’m not really sure, usually Aberfa would have come to us before the solstice to get things rolling.”  her voice was barely a whisper.  

“I was wondering if the weather might have thrown everyone a bit off, including Aberfa.”  she added.
Kat took a moment to let what was happening sink in and then took a deep breath before resolving herself to what was coming next. 
“So what’s the plan?”  she asked.  

Halo looked at her friend and smiled.  “I’m glad you asked!”  Vaguely gesturing off into the distance she continued “I think if we can get the colors to change it will feel more like fall.”  

“I see, if we make it feel like fall, Aberfa will realize what time it is.”  the light mare remarked.  

“Exactly!” Halo’s voice was full of excitement.  “So now all we have to do is get the word out to everyone else.”  “Are you with me on this?”
Kat scoffed offended “Do you really think I wouldn’t help Aberfa with this?”  deep down she was excited to do something nice for her patron deity though.  

“Alright, we should split up and spread the word then.”  Halo said.  “Be sure to tell them to make the place look and feel like it’s fall.”  “I want to see hoodie weather and colorful leaves across the Quirliverse!”  

The two mares nodded in agreement before setting out to inform the others… 

All Entries that include Aberfa, Kat or Halo, will also receive Aberfa’s Gift “Color Changer“.  

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