The Quirlicorn Breed

Quirlicorns originated as a white breed of unicorn with markings in one color only (a second color may be added later on as your Quirlicorn evolves, Natural Quirlicorns may add one geno at that stage), a swirled horn, and a long tail of hair. With some time, natural coated (Modern) Quirlicorns have also been found.
Quirlicorns come in temperaments of all shapes and sizes. It is really up to the owner of each individual Quirlicorn to decide what their equine is like.

Quirlicorns thrive in cooler climates, often trying to blend in with the snow and failing miserably because of their markings. They possess a thick skin under their coat which keeps them warm and is also why they require so much hair on their tails (to help keep warm). While Quirlicorns can reside in warmer climates, they may be susceptible to heat exhaustion.

Being mystical and magical creatures, Quirlicorns do not age as normal horses do. The maximum Quirlicorn lifespan is still unsure though it isn’t uncommon to see Quirlicorns that are anywhere from 150-600 years old.

Quirlicorns come in many different sizes and it is still unsure exactly where limits have been placed on their sizes. Quirlicorns have been observed as being as short as 13.3hh and as tall as 19hh with a variety of body types from light to draft

There are no restrictions on what type of events your Quirlicorn can participate in, or what you must or can not train them in, but it is worth noting that their long hairy tails are quite heavy and despite them being strong enough to carry these tails with no problems, they can and do tend to get in the way of certain things. As a result most Quirlicorns mostly train and event in magic and sparring.

If you are new to our breed or ARPGs in general we suggest reading through our Newcomer Guide to Quirlicorns. In our Guide we explain the What’s & How’s of our breed as plainly as possible to help you not feel so overwhelmed by all the information available on our site.  

Current Events

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Summer Solstice 2021

The days have been becoming increasingly longer in the northern hemisphere, as we prepare for the summer solstice to arrive.  Things have been relatively calm in the Quirliverse and not much has happened out of the norm since the Spring Equinox.  
Anevay, who reigns over the summer solstice, has decided it’s time to shake things up a bit.  With Warpaint in tow she traveled to the perfect location for this year’s celebrations.  A small piece of land in the northern Desert region called Phaedra.  

“Are you sure it was me you wanted to bring here?”  “I don’t think I have the pazzaz you might be looking for with your solstice events.” Warpaint paused.  “And isn’t this Asrune’s land?”  “Are we even allowed to be here?”  Warpaint looked around his surroundings nervously.  
“Not to worry little one, you’re just right for what I have planned this year, and as one of my loyal worshippers Asrune will be delighted that we chose his land to hold the solstice shenani.. The solstice celebrations.”  Anevay gave Warpaint a reassuring nudge, pushing him further inland towards the jungle that was just head.  Warpaint started to turn his head to look at Anevay.  “Head forward whipper-snapper!”  “Just go with the flow.”  Anevay retorted while moving the stallion forward.  Warpaint decided it was probably easier to just accept his fate than to try to argue with Anevay.  Who knows what she might do to him if he doesn’t just let this go.  
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Joust Pas d'Armes

June’s Joust Pas d’Armes is open for sign ups until June 5th, 11:59PM CST
To participate this month, go HERE

Quirlicorn Joust

This months Quirlicorn Joust theme is Love.  
Read more about the Quirlicorn Joust HERE.

Other Events:

Summer Solstice 
Deadline:  July 31st

June 2021 Incentive - Rainbows for Pride

In Celebration of Pride Month, all Quirlicorns bred or Customs cashed in/purchased in the month of June 2021 may get a free recessive Rainbow gene (nRbw) and any same sex breedings may happen without the use of a Heaven’s Wish Dew.  If you do not wish to have the rainbow gene added please specify when you submit your breeding or custom claim, otherwise we’ll automatically add it.

This months incentive may not be picked with “pick your own incentives” or with a Cosmic exchange dew. 

Any Quirlicorns bred or imported during June 2021 will be given a free Rainbow gene. Monthly incentives are completely optional, so if you do not wish for your Quirlicorn to have this incentive, it doesn’t need to part of your Quirlicorns design.

Happy Breeding!

Quirlicorn of the Month

704 - Crow

Crow as thrived in retirement.  DozingBear has done an amazing job shining the spotlight on this goofy guy, so much so, that some have even forgotten that he was ever a group horse and didn’t always belong to Dozing.  
It is with great pleasure that we bestow Quirlicorn of the Month to Crow for June 2021. 

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