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As founder of the breed I oversee and take responsibility for anything official happening in Quirlicorns. Some of my main duties are Customs, Stray Center, Help Desk, Social Media accounts, managing and updating the Website, Events, and various other tasks. I'm always happy to hear about your experiences within the breed. What is working for you, what would you like to see us improve? I'm a firm believer in taking community input to heart in order to decide what direction to take things. Transparency is also something I feel is important so I'm also happy to explain why we do what we do if you're struggling to understand some decisions. My messages are always open, but please use official means of communication (Suggestion forums, Help Desk forum, Questions channel in discord) when possible.

Custom Design Requests: Open
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Admin Team

Admining a breed can be a very unforgiving position.  All of our admin positions are unpaid, aside from in game rewards twice a year.  
Often our admins spend anywhere from 3-20 hours per week, helping to keep the breed moving.  

Please remember to be kind when interacting with the admin team, as they volunteer their time out of love for the breed. All admin rewards act as compensation for the time spent working on admin duties, that otherwise could have been spent working on art of their characters instead.  


Chime Admin
Our most long term admin, Midnitella has worked hard to create and maintain our breeds Chime system. She's also designed all of our breeds Deities, and has helped create lore for the breed. You'll generally find her working on Chime checks, but rest assured she's a vital part of our breeds activities as well.

Custom Design Requests: Closed
Design Examples: N/A


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Custom Design Requests: Open/ Closed
Design Examples: LINK


Foal Design Admin
Our newest admin but an amazing contribution to our team, Rebecca has diligently been attending to all design checks that are submitted. She's also very active in our discord server and can be found helping newbies learn the ropes. Aside from that she's also just an incredibly kind person. Say hi, if you see her.

Custom Design Requests: Open
Design Examples: LINK


Standard Joust Admin
If you enter our Standard Joust, Wolv is going to take good care of you. Outside of the Joust Wolv helps where she is able to. You may also recognize her by her stunning art contributions. While Wolv may be a bit more aloof than some of our other admins, she's none the less a valuable part of our breed.

Custom Design Requests: Open/ Closed
Design Examples: LINK


Log Admin, Breeding Admin, Chime Admin
Aedrielle is a bit of a power admin in the sense that she does so much. Officially she's a Log admin, but has also been filling in for breedings and helping with Chimes. If you're breeding, sending in log updates, or chime checks, chances are it feels like Aedrielle is one step ahead of you in all you do. We promise she's not a robot, she's just speedy at getting work done when she sees it

Custom Design Requests: Open
Design Examples: LINK


Bank Admin
Lyricanna is another of our long time member turned admin. They look after all things Bank, so you'll get to interact with them frequently if you're cashing in or applying bank items. Outside of Banking, Lyricanna is always happy to lend a hand in event planning, running mini events, or taking on other small tasks to keep things running smoothly for the breed.

Custom Design Requests: Open
Design Examples: LINK


Over the years we’ve allowed trusted, long term members to help out in various ways.  While these members aren’t technically part of our admin team, it’s only fitting to appreciate them for their contributions to the breed.  

Custom Design Requests:

While kiinai isn’t an official admin, she’s been an incredible help by providing edits for our official lines.  She’s also a very helpful community member who is kind and giving.  Kiinai is also accepting custom design requests which we’re overjoyed about because her designs are stunning! 

Design Examples:

Admins on Hiatus

Sometimes life happens and our awesome admins need to take a step back from their duties in the breed in order to focus on other things.
Good help is hard to come by, so we like to leave a seat at the table even if admins need to take a more long term hiatus.  Below are some of our esteemed admins who are currently on long term hiatus.  



Open Admin Positions

Currently no admin positions are open.  
Please keep an eye our on our monthly updates for future openings.


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