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Mountain Region

Psychic Magics

Lesser Magics [nMt]
  • Able to understand own dreams 
  • Can project into the dreams of others
  • Able to make predictions based on dreams
  • Random Premonitions come infrequently 
  • Able to vaguely predict the future
  • Prophetic visions with 90% accuracy or more
  • Able to pick up on the thoughts of nearby creatures 
  • Can hear the thoughts of anyone they desire
  • Able to converse with others mentally 
  • Able to understand the spirits of the dead 
  • Can now converse openly with the dead
  • Able to summon the spirits of the dead at will
  • Able to pick up the emotions of those around them 
  • Able to understand and handle the emotions of those around them
  • Able to manipulate the emotions of those around them
  • Able to see the auras of living creatures 
  • Able to understand the meanings of certain auras
  • Able to manipulate the auras of living creatures 
Greater Magics [MtMt]
  • Can move small objects with the mind 
  • Able to move large objects with the mind 
  • Able to project oneself across rooms/small areas 
  • Able to project oneself any distance 
  • Can create temporary, small illusions 
  • Can create semi-permanent, full illusions
  • Able to teleport small distances within view 
  • Able to teleport anywhere they desire
  • Able to predict the futures of individuals with decent accuracy 
  • Able to predict the future of large groups or sections of lands with prophetic accuracy

Icy Region

Water Magics

Lesser Magics [nIce]
  • Able to manipulate still or slow moving bodies of water 
  • Able to manipulate or even stop fast moving bodies of water
  • Can summon water at will out of the environment 
  • Can shape already existing clouds into desired shapes 
  • Able to create clouds at will
  • Can walk or perch on clouds as if they were solid ground
  • Able to hold breath underwater for 5-10 minutes 
  • Able to hold breath for aproximately 30 minutes to an hour
  • Able to actually breathe in water like air
  • Able to freeze still or slow moving water 
  • Able to freeze fast moving water
  • Able to freeze anything regardless of moisture content
  • Able to understand and communicate with common animals 
  • Able to understand and communicate with most all animals 
  • Able to understand and communicate with mythical animals
  • Able to move over small, still expanses of water 
  • Able to move over large, slow moving expanses of water
  • Able to move over large, fast moving expanses of water
Greater Magics [IceIce]
  • Able to manipulate external blood of self or others 
  • Able to manipulate internal blood of self or others
  • Able to create small amounts of water at will 
  • Able to create large amounts of water at will 
  • Able to manipulate ones own body viscosity at will 
  • Able to manipulate anythings viscosity at will 
  • Can manipulate the acidity/basicity levels of any present liquid slightly 
  • Can manipulate and create any acid or base at will 
  • Able to manipulate basic forms of already occurring weather 
  • Able to manipulate all forms of already occurring weather and summon basic forms of it at will

Desert Region

Fire Magics

Lesser Magics [nDes]
  • Able to slightly manipulate already present flames 
  • Able to fully control already present flames
  • Able to summon fire at will, regardless of a source
  • Able to control the intensity of light from a present source
  • Able to control the intensity of light in a specific area regardless of the source
  • Able to solidify or concentrate rays of light at will
  • Able to breathe out caustically hot air, usually with sparks or smoke 
  •  Able to breathe out bursts of flames and smoke from the mouth or nose
  • Able to breathe out intensely hot flames and smoke from the mouth or nose
  • Able to manipulate already existing mirages, creating simple, shimmering illusions
  • Able to create clear illusions on already existing mirages
  • Able to create mirages at will with clear illusions 

  • Able to move through and touch flames in quickly, feeling the full intensity of the heat
  • Able to move through and touch flames for lengths of time, only feeling a fraction of the heat
  • Able to stand among flames or even be on fire without feeling the effects of the fire or heat
  • Able to slightly control ones own body temperature  
  •  Able to fully control ones own body temperature, now able to withstand extreme rises and drops with ease
  • Able to fully control the temperatures of any object or creature within range

Greater Magics [DesDes]
  • Can slightly control and create small explosions at will
  • Able to fully control and create large explosions at will
  • Can summon flames from the pit of hell with little control over them
  • Able to summon and fully control flames from the pit of hell
  • Able to manipulate ones own life energy at will, becoming more energized or amplifying ones own powers temporarily 
  • Able to manipulate the life energy of others at will, energizing or draining others temporarily

  • Can slightly manipulate lava already present in the environment
  •  Able to summon up and fully control magma at will 
  • Able to create bursts of plasmas at will with limited control  
  • Able to create extended bursts of plasmas at will with total control

Plains Region

Earth Magics

Lesser Magics [nPls]
  • Able to grow plants with great success 
  • Can increase the fertility levels of the ground, growing healthier plants
  • Plants grow at alarming speeds under their fertile touch 
  • Able to understand and help plants grow faster
  • Able to understand the use of each individual plant
  • Can speak the secret language of plants
  • Able to heal small wounds on oneself 
  • Able to heal large wounds on oneself
  • Able to heal the wounds of any size on other beings
  • Able to run for hours on end
  •  Able to go days without food or water
  • Able to survive even the most harsh conditions with little resources
  • Can move small rocks around them
  • Can shape and carve exposed earth and boulders
  • Able to pull chunks of earth from the ground and manipulate them
  • Able to understand the meanings of different kinds of ash/sand/dust
  • Able to slightly understand situations based on ash/sand/dust 
  •  Able to fully understand situations based on ash/sand/dust
Greater Magics [PlsPls]
  • Everything touched will turn to solid gold 
  • Able to control golden touch at will
  • Able to create tremors and vibrations in the surrounding earth
  • Able to crack the earth with vibrations and create large earthquakes
  • Can create minor, obedient stone creatures 
  • Can create large, sentient stone creatures
  • Able to attract and repel magnetized objects 
  •  Can magnetize any object with any kind of metal make up
  • Can only revive complete specimens
  • Can revive any incomplete specimen, adding in new parts if so desired

Swamp Region

Dark Magics

Lesser Magics [nSwp]
  • Able to manipulate the basic shapes of shadows
  • Able to manipulate and change entire shadows into new shapes 
  • Able to solidify and use shadows at will
  • Can use sound to roughly see surroundings within 10 feet of oneself
  • Able to use sound to mostly see within 10 yards of oneself
  • Able to use sound to completely see in any space with ease
  • Able to take over the mind of another for a short period of time 
  • Able to spend an extended amount of time inside the mind of another
  •  Can totally swap minds with another for a temporary amount of time
  • Can use hair or beloved objects to make a totem to inflict minor pain and slightly manipulate another 
  • Able to make the victim say whatever they wish with slight control over their actions with totem
  • Able to fully control another with totem, even forcing another to kill themselves or others
  • Canine teeth grow to sharp fangs, filled with non-lethal venom
  • Able to produce lethal venom in fangs 
  • Able to choose which venom they wish to use at will
  • Able to turn parts of their body invisible for short periods of time
  • Able to turn completely invisible for short periods of time 
  • Able to turn oneself invisible indefinitely and temporarily turn others and objects invisible
Greater Magics [SwpSwp]
  • Able to absorb a blast of Lesser Magic’s energy and use it to amplify your own magic
  • Able to absorb a blast of Greater Magic’s energy and use it to amplify your own magic 
  • Able to feed on the soul/life of another, usually knocking them out and gaining their life energy (drains stamina/health rather than mana)
  • Able to absorb an entire soul, killing the owners body and gaining all of their life energy (drains stamina/health rather than mana)
  • Able to summon a small swarm of insects, laying waste to a small area
  • Able to summon a large swarm of insects, laying waste to a large area
  • Able to painfully shift into creatures around the same size temporarily 
  • Able to painlessly shift into any creature of any size temporarily
  • Can change the odds of small things (ie: games)
  • Able to change the odds of life changing things (ie: odds of being struck by lightning)

Windy Region

Air Magics

Lesser Magics [nWdy]
  • Able to hover a few feet above the ground in bursts
  •  Able to fly a short distance without touching the ground 
  • Able to fly high above the ground and travel long distances without touching the ground 
  • Able to amplify or deafen ones own voice
  • Able to throw voice at will and slightly manipulate the sounds of ones immediate surroundings
  • Able to manipulate all sounds within their range of hearing
  • Able to manipulate already existing smoke at will
  • Able to summon smoke at will, even without a direct source
  • Able to transform self into smoke
  • Able to slightly inflate oneself at will, floating more easily in water
  • Able to fully inflate oneself at will, floating more easily in the air 
  • Able to inflate other objects or beings at will
  • Able to sing better than most others as well as enchanting basic instruments to play at will
  • Able to enchant and play all instruments at will with masterful skill
  •  Able to sing with an enchanting voice, captivating all creatures within its range

Audio Spectrum Egg Audiooo 

  • Able to create and control minor gusts of air
  •  Able to create and control strong gusts at will
  • Able to manipulate all air around oneself at will
Greater Magics [WdyWdy]
  • Able to create small whirlwinds at will with minor control
  •  Able to create large cyclones at will with total control
  • Able to pull the oxygen from general spaces
  • Able to pull the oxygen from living creatures
  • Able to create and control minor static charges
  • Able to create and control large bolts of lightning
  • Able to manipulate gases that are already present in the environment
  • Able to create and control new gases at will
  • Able to control ones own velocity with ease
  • Able to manipulate the velocity of other objects at will

Astral Region

Astral Magic

  • Able to jump through and create wormholes at will, portaling not only across a space, but also time and perhaps even dimensions.
  • Able to manipulate things on an atomic scale, changing the states or even constitutions of matter with ease (turning trees to stone, turning lead to gold, etc)
  • Able to use the power of the constellations in their magic, summoning those depicted in the heavens for aid, as well as arrange the view of the heavens (as seen on earth) (NOTE: Will not LITERALLY move the stars and planets)
  • Able to read with prophetic accuracy all the knowledge of the heavens, translating the language of the astral bodies into all that has, is and will ever be with ease.
  • Able to manipulate, mutate, or even destroy all rules and laws of reality with ease, manipulating anything (matter, beings, time, space, etc) in whatever way so desired.
  • Able to manipulate time and space at will, transporting ones self through timelines in the past, present, and future in spirit. (Not able to manipulate events outside of the present time (inside own body))

Entropy Region

Entropy Magic

  • Reflects magic back to sender
  • Summon a hoard of house cats to wreak havoc on your foes 
  • Laws or rules no longer apply while under the effect of Anarchy.  (Does not affect laws of physics)
  • Creates a mess of clutter in the area
  • Knots opponents hair.  May also tangle vines.  Hair or vines may also move in a way that trips others.
  • Small glitches in the Matrix… This magic creates imagery similar to glitch art. 
    Don’t get glitched by these Quirlicorns.  You’ll look and feel weird.
  • Make others lose control over their body movements


Guardian Magics:

  • Water Walking
  • Venom
  • Illusion
  • Air Manipulation
  • Pyrokenisis
  • Clairvoyance 
  • Life Eater
  • Telepathy 
  • Plant Magic
  • Lightning Manipulation
  • Golem Summoning
  • Dream Projection/Reading
  • Shapeshifting
  • Water Breathing
  • Venom
  • Hellfire Manipulation
  • Venom
  • Water Generation
  • Water Breathing
  • Magic Eater

Event Magics:

  • Drinking this rum will swap the Quirlicorns magic temporarily as a means of magical beings actually becoming drunk.
  • Quirlicorn may share this rum with friends.
  • Rum Bottle refills itself when it gets low
  • A magical song that cleanses infestations and plagues.  
  • Quirlicorns with this gift may ‘sing the song of cleansing’ instead of creating art for applicable Hand Of Fate’s.
  • Quirlicorn can mimic fire with their other magics (water breathing would become fire breathing, terrakinesis would turn the rocks into fire, etc)
  • Quirlicorn may also spend short periods of time consumed by fire (the fire does not harm them)
  • Quirlicorn can glitch the magic of their opponents at will, but can never control in what way the magic will glitch. 
  • Quirlicorns with this magic experience glitches in their own magic from time to time.
  • Quirlicorn can bring out Regional Transformations in themselves or others without Solstice or Equinox being present or needing to have Regional Transformations unlocked already.
  • Quirlicorn with this magic can lay/poop Golden Eggs.  
  • Eggs may be used to fertilize small areas to help new plants grow.
  • Quirlicorn with this magic can grow gemstones and crystals.  
  • Gemstones and crystals can be grown on any surface, including on the Quirlicorn with this magic.
  • Quirlicorn with this magic can create golems out of any of the elements  
  • Golems aren’t 100% obedient and often create chaos for everyone, including the caster, when summoned
  • Quirlicorns with this magic can temporarily make creatures (including other Quirlicorns) fully fleshed (skelicorns for example would become fully fleshed, this would also temporarily reverse the affect of dullahan dews)
  • Quirlicorns with this magic are skilled at making anti Zombie potions which can be used to ward off any kind of spoopy monsters
  • Quirlicorns with this magic may temporarily be proficient in a single skill (effects may last up to 1 full day)
  • Quirlicorns with this magic will retain the very basics of the new skill once the proficiency wears off until the magic is used for a new skill, at which point all boosters from the magic towards the previous skill will wear off. 
    (for example your Quirlicorn knows the basics of cooking, uses Skill Proficiency and becomes a master chef for a single day, after that day is over the Quirlicorn goes back to knowing the basics of cooking but has a slight advantage and can now ensure that everything they make actually tastes good.  Once a new skill is learned with the magic, this Quirlicorn will go back to their original cooking skill level (basics but maybe the food tastes awful).  

Quirlicorns with this magic can summon all flavors of ice cream at will 
The down side is that the flavor being summoned is always random.

  • Quirlicorn with this magic can have living, breathing, talking cupcakes that they may hang out with.  Cupcakes may be eaten or otherwise expire/die since the Quirlicorn can simply summon the a clone of that cupcake again.  
  • Quirlicorns with this magic will earn +3 Chimes to each piece of art that depicts the Quirlicorn AND a cupcake.  (Please be sure to list this clearly in your chime trackers) 
  • Quirlicorn with this magic may temporarily develop a hard scaley skin, built to withstand disasters or attacks. 
  • Quirlicorns using this magic will still be recognizable as themselves. 
  • Quirlicorn with this magic can grant themselves or others a temporary mental vacation or respite.
  • Mental Respite helps alleviate or lessen stress and anxiety while in use, but also lessens it overall for the sufferer the more it’s used.
  • Quirlicorns with this magic can speed up the progression of color found in nature. (the changing color of leaves, a horse with a greying gene, animals who grey as they age, etc) 
  • The Color change is only temporary, lasting at best a few weeks, at worst a few minutes.  
  • Quirlicorn with this magic can summon an unpredictable amount of snowballs at a time.  
  • Snowballs are extra soft and fluffy so they wont hurt if you get hit by one (or more), they also don’t melt in warmer climates.
  • Quirlicorns with this magic can lull other Quirlicorns into slumber.  (some Quirlicorn familiars and companions may also be affected by this magic) 
  • Nap Time magic wears off after an hour and can only be used once a day on the same Quirlicorn.  
  • Quirlicorns with this magic can temporarily portal themselves and up to 3 other Quirlicorns into an Alternate Universe
  • The Quirlicorn using this magic has no control over what Universe they end up in, effects can last anywhere from a few seconds up to a full day.  
  • Quirlicorns with this magic are given a standard kitchen egg timer that displaces them in a different time for the remainder of the time on the timer (no more than 24 hours)
  • Egg Timer may only be used once a month to allow the magic time to recharge.  
  • Quirlicorns with this magic have the ability to temporarily create a bond between themselves and another willing Quirlicorn that allows them to have a connection over great distances.
  • To use this magic both parties must have shared food together before.
  • This magic allows the user to transmute other magics into frosty, crystalline forms (frozen cyclones, solid frosty shadows, etc).
  • For short periods of time this magic may also work on the world around them, turning their surroundings into a strange cold crystal form.
  • May Races 2024
  • Allows the Quirlicorn to form a ‘team’ with other Quirlicorns for 1 Hour
  • During this time all Quirlicorns may share magic between them and draw on each others power – although not as strong as the Quirlicorn who possesses that magic. 
  • TBA Summer Solstice

Misc Magics:

  • Venom
  • Illusions
  • Quirlicorns with this magic can portal into any known Quirlicorn Realms even if those realms are locked.  This means these Quirlicorns can pop in on Realm Keeper’s Realms as well, they can however not stay long as the magic will deplete sending them back to where they originally came from.  A great magic to visit others.  
  • Realm Hopper Magic will also allow temporary swapping of Regional Transformations, giving access to transformations from each known Quirlicorn region, even if still locked.  Again, the effects of this magic are temporary and will wear off after a short while and the Quirlicorn must replenish their magic to be able to maintain the swapped regional forms again.

    This magic is ONLY available for members who participated in our 2023 Spring Hunt.  This magic may not be added via other means.  

The Lost Magics:

  • produce/manipulate and throw/move electricity
  • Enhance own or others magical abilities
  • Swaps two magics temporarily
  • Copies another’s magic temporarily
  • Duplicates the caster temporarily
  • Allows passage through solid objects
  • Allows manipulation/changing of existing memories in another’s mind
  • Allows summoning of a hoard of a single type of animal that obeys your every wish as long as your magic is active
  • summon small objects after drawing/painting/sculpting them
  • Allows for x-ray vision
  • May generate non lethal amounts of acid
  • Immunity to Toxins, Poisons, Venoms
  • Manipulate other creatures age to make them younger or older (effect is temporary)
  • Allows for magic to be converted to a magic the converter possesses. 
  • Allows the creation of magic shields or forcefields 

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