Lost Magics & Artifacts

A long time ago, when the world was fresh and magic flowed freely, there were magics so powerful that even most Quirlicorns avoided them. The few who dared, walked a thin line between life and death, for it was easy for this magic to consume and destroy them. The Great Deities watched as so many tempted to harness this magic, but soon fell victim to the very thing they tried to control. They were devastated at this sight and sought a way to bind these magics in a safe way that would not harm any more Quirlicorns.

After many years the Great Deities finally found a solution: Artifacts. They could trap these magics in their own special artifact.
For a Quirlicorn to harness this magic, they need only incorporate a piece of themselves within the artifact whether that be a hair, blood, or something else. They quickly learned that a Quirlicorn had a limit of three of these artifacts before they too would be consumed by the magic. While this solution wasn’t perfect, it at least gifted all the denizens with a safe way to yield up to three of these special magics. The Great Deities passed on this knowledge of artifact crafting to a select few Quirlicorns so that they may create artifacts for themselves as well as teach the skill to others. 

As these select Quirlicorns aged they tried to pass on their knowledge of these special artifacts. However, over time, Quirlicorns became more obsessed with the ability to reach Lesser Deity status and understand more of the magic that came more naturally to them. The interest in trying to tame these powerful magics soon began to lessen and with it, the knowledge those select Quirlicorns had gathered so long ago. Soon these magics simply became a myth, just an idea whispered among friends. 

It wasn’t until now that the knowledge of the artifacts and the lost magics that they can contain resurfaced.

The Lost Magics:

  • produce/manipulate and throw/move electricity
  • Enhance own or others magical abilities
  • Swaps two magics temporarily
  • Copies another’s magic temporarily
  • Duplicates the caster temporarily
  • Allows passage through solid objects
  • Allows manipulation/changing of existing memories in another’s mind
  • Allows summoning of a hoard of a single type of animal that obeys your every wish as long as your magic is active
  • summon small objects after drawing/painting/sculpting them
  • Allows for x-ray vision
  • May generate non lethal amounts of acid
  • Immunity to Toxins, Poisons, Venoms
  • Manipulate other creatures age to make them younger or older (effect is temporary)
  • Allows for magic to be converted to a magic the converter possesses. 
  • Allows the creation of magic shields or forcefields 

Artifact Crafting

Crafting artifacts is a dark magic that requires the Quirlicorn to bind its body to the artifact.  Blood or hair are most commonly used, but in rare cases other DNA-packed body parts can be used. Regardless of the method used to bind the artifact to its crafter, it is worth noting that the magic granted by the artifact is non transferrable to other Quirlicorns.  

If you’re ready to walk the path of an artifact crafter, and gain the special magic associated with it, keep on reading to learn how to craft these bad boys! 

Artifact crafting requires 9 Quest items + 1 Special item.  
Each artifact has 2 different special items which may be used to craft that specific artifact (the lists below will tell you which special items you can use to conjure each individual lost magic)

  • Cloud in a Jar
  • Parachute
  • Thinking Cap
  • Swamp Goo
  • Invisibility Cloak
  • Parachute
  • Voodoo Doll
  • Youthful Flame
  • Cornucopia
  • Voodoo Doll
  • Beaker
  • Invisibility Cloak
  • Dream Dust
  • Running Shoes
  • Pet Rock
  • Conch Shell
  • Cornucopia
  • Costume Wings
  • Glass of Milk
  • Thinking Cap
  • Beaker
  • Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce
  • Glass of Milk
  • Costume Wings
  • Running Shoes
  • Ruby Slippers
  • Fortune Cookie
  • Youthful flame
  • Swamp Goo

If you’re ready to craft an artifact make sure you have at least 9 Quest Items in your bank as well as the +1 Special Item needed for the Lost Magic you wish to acquire.  Once confirmed that you have everything you need, head on over to the Artifact Central forum and post a thread using the submission form: 

  • Quirlicorns Log: (link to your Quirlicorns log)
  • Artifact you’re Crafting: (which lost magic are you crafting an artifact for)
  • Special Item: (which special item are you using)

Artifact Recycling

Since Quirlicorns can only carry up to 3 Artifacts at a time, and Lost Magics can not be Phoenix Touched, there is another way to swap out Lost Magics.  
Artifacts can be de-constructed, returning the 9 Quest items (the special item used is non refundable) to the crafter.  
Recycling an artifact will remove that lost magic from the Quirlicorn.  If you choose to get the same magic back in the future you will have to craft a new artifact for it.  

If you wish to recycle an artifact, you can do so in the Artifact Central forum.  

Artifacts and Artifact Expansion Slots?

How many lost magics can my Quirlicorn hold?
All Quirlicorns start with 1 Artifact Slot, which allows up to 3 Artifacts/Lost Magics.  Each Artifact holds one Lost Magic.  
Currently there is no restriction on how many additional Artifact Expansion slots may be added
Artifact Slots can hold up to 3 Artifacts/Lost Magics.  If you want to give your Quirlicorn more than 3 Lost Magics, you must apply an Artifact Expansion slot (adds an additional 3 Artifacts, and can be stacked.. so 2 Artifact Expansions add 6 additional Artifacts/Lost Magic slots etc.) 

How do I get the items needed?

If you’ve done Deity Quests in our breed with any of your Quirlicorns previously, you should already have some Quest Items in your bank.  Currently Deity Quests are the only place you can get Quest Items and Special Items.  It’s likely that in the future we’ll have more ways to earn these items though, so keep a close eye on our updates and events.  

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