Phoenix Touch

Phoenix Touch is a blessing bestowed onto the Quirlicorn directly by the Phoenix.  In order to win his blessing you must complete a task he gives you.  

Once you have completed the task to his liking, you will receive one Phoenix Touch which you may then use on the Quirlicorn who completed the task given by the Phoenix.  

Applying a Phoenix Touch to your Quirlicorn will allow the following:

Please note that you may pick and choose to only do one or a few of these changes.  It is entirely up to the user to decide how many applicable alterations they wish to allow Phoenix Touch to change.  

Phoenix Touch doesn't affect the following:

Acquiring your Phoenix Touch:

You can acquire a Phoenix Touch for any of your Quirlicorns without the worry of having to spend any money.  Phoenix Touch was created to be a more story driven blessing and as such we did not want to slap a price tag on it.  You will however be required to create art in exchange for a Phoenix Touch.

  • Create a thread in the Phoenix Touch Forum
  • In your thread include which Quirlicorn of yours you wish to get the Phoenix Touch for
  • We will roll a quest for you to fulfill in order to receive the Phoenix Touch
  • Once you complete the art for the quest, reply back to us in the note and we’ll apply The Phoenix Touch for you
  • Once you get confirmation from us that it has been applied you can rebirth your Quirlicorn

Some basic rules for Quest art:

After a Phoenix Touch is applied to a Quirlicorn, the new design must be approved.  Please redesign (if you opt to redesign) on our Official Quirlicorn Lines and submit it to the Design Nexus for approval with the following information: 

  • Link to original design (foal or Import, the one with the logs): _____
  • Link to proof of design change (Phoenix Touch Thread, Chime Check Thread, etc): ___
  • Design: (link here)


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