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Haunted Pickles ,  Karou , Brute- (Pancake)

Setting: Swamp - Korva's land - Labyrinthian

Plot: "You're gettin robbed, fool." 
Pancake, I mean... Brute, and Pickles join together to break into Korva's manor for a Ship to start their Pirating adventures, but run into a bit of trouble along the way. Trouble's name? Karou.

Current Chimies Earned:
Pancake: 1 - word count: 284

      And so another day began but one that lacked the buzz of insects and screaming birds squabbling over fish in the distance, this one started with an ear ringing silence from dropping temperatures. As the sun lifted higher in the sky and sent temperatures sky rocketing life would begin to stir, but for now, Brute would remain sitting on a crippled old dock watching and impatiently waiting for movement within the crisp, brumous morning. When the sound of hooves never came the tall stallion began to flick his short tail with growing irritation. His instruction to Pickles had been clear enough, or so he thought. The plan was to meet at his run down ghost farm at the crack of dawn, wake up over a pot of the blackest coffee, and head out to survey land… What he had left out of that conversation was his silent hope of making the score of a lifetime, and within that pile of riches, a giant ass boat to get the hell out of this place. His practiced silver tongue would carry them the rest of the way.

      A chill settled in his bones and after another minute went by he made the decision to stand and go search for the fiery colored mare himself. Maybe Pickles had decided to stop for berries or had fallen in the muck again. Brute began to grumble to himself, he didn’t have time to lolligag around today if this master plan he was brewing was going to work. His path was set to the town a ways in, so he picked up pace and briskly trotted along, all the while keeping his eyes peeled for a bright figure bouncing around

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Pickles was on a mission. It was a very important mission, a once-in-a-lifetime chance of a mission. Pancake--or no, she should really call him Captain Brute--had told her to meet him at . . . some old house, she was sure she would recognize it when she saw it. If only it wasn't so cold, maybe then she could focus on getting there--that and the darkness, combined with her clumsy feet, made for a slow journey. She sighed and looked up at the sky, noticing the sunrise. He'd said to meet at dawn, but she'd accidentally slept a little later than she should have. The morning light teased her eyes and brilliant colors began to fade into the sky. Pickles stopped walking, caught up in the awe of it all. She rocked back to rest on her tail and blinked up at the heavens, noticing a small cloud which had taken on the same bright red color which adorned her own coat. A Pickle-colored cloud! This HAD to be a good omen! 
Pickles' ear flicked as she heard the sound of approaching hooves. She rocked forward to her feet, turning surprisingly swiftly for such a clumsy mare, and lowered her head, her ears pinned flat against her head. Was it a predator trying to sneak up on her? The famed Haywire trying to mess with her?? A random quirlicorn opening a wormhole portal to transport themselves??? WAS IT JUST PANCAKE COMING TO FIND HER???--oh, yes, actually, it was just Pancake.
Pickles perked right up, tossing her mane to try and seem more casual. "Good morning, Cap'n Brute!" she greeted cheerfully, clopping forward to greet him. "I was just on my way to your boathouse." Hopefully she was right in saying 'boathouse' and it wasn't some other type of house. She tossed her head in the direction of the red cloud she'd spotted earlier. "Look at the sky! Ain't it gorgeous? See the red cloud?"   

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men....

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