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July Joust Pas d'Armes

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Welcome to this months Joust Pas d'Armes Sign up thread!

To sign up for this months Joust Pas d'Armes, please comment below with the following information:
  • Entering with Quirlicorn:  (please include a link to your Quirlicorns log)

  • Magic unlocked:  

  • Other tidbits: (any other information you feel is important for your partner to know about) 

  • Guardian:  (Guardian must belong to your entered Quirlicorn and have the Joust Reward blessing, you will not qualify for the blessing if you don't include your Guardian in your own piece, your partner does not need to include your guardian as it wont affect the blessing one way or another)

       Deadline Reminders:
  • Sign up Deadline: July 5th, 11:59PM CST

  • Early Entry Deadline: July 18th, 11:59PM CST

  • Submission Deadline: July 31st, 11:59PM CST 
Happy Jousting!

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