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Antares was hard-pressed to avoid getting run over or crushed. While Whym heroically dodged through and tripped up the elephants, she found herself scrambling from free space to free space, her tail very narrowly avoiding getting caught several times. She was lucky to have essentially a space cloud for a mane and tail, otherwise she'd be losing hair like crazy. She almost snickered at the thought, thinking how Whym would praise her mane for its qualities if she noticed. But! She didn't have too much time to dwell on the thought, the falling elephants proving to be more difficult than she thought. One of them in particular seemed particularly angry, so she bopped it on the head with a hoof first, knocking it out. One of them had been knocked cold by its fall and the final one she quickly knocked out as she answered Whym. "I'm here!" 

She straightened, moving away from the elephants and watching them closely in case of them tried to move. "I'm here! Whym, are you all right??" she called, looking around for the brightly colored mare. Was it just her, or had the room gotten darker? She stepped cautiously through the room, trying to catch a glimpse of Whym. 

Bawb had made a smart choice by pretending to be knocked out when he fell. He almost laughed when the starry quirlicorn knocked out Baab, but managed to stay quiet. When she moved away and started plotting with the other one, Bawb lurched to his feet. "I WILL BE A HERO!!!!" he triumphantly trumpeted. 

Antares scrambled back as one of the elephants got up. "We got one more!" she called, hoping Whym could hear her, even if she couldn't see Whym. "He's facing me! See if you can get him! Come on, Whym, we're almost finished with this!" she encouraged, backing up as the elephant looked right at her. It looked like it was about to charge, lowering its head to face her with its trunk curled beneath its chin.

"For Baab." Bawb promised under his breath as he faced off the dark mare. He'd completely forgotten about the other mare. Before he could charge, however, a massive amount of toilet paper fell from the ceiling, falling all over and completely blocking his vision. "WHAT IN THE TARNATION--!!" he exclaimed, trying to swat it away. 

Antares snorted in surprise as the delicate white strips drifted around and continued to back up, confused. "Whym, was that you??" she called. No, that didn't make sense. Where would Whym find this much toilet paper in a matter of minutes? How would she get it above them so quickly? She had no magic, as far as Antares knew, so it seemed highly unlikely it was her. Was Keir getting bored? Had he decided to add a random element to the maze? Or was this always the plan? So many questions were going through the young quirlicorn's mind, but she had no way of answering them. And, to be honest, it wasn't that important that they be answered. 

+508 words for this post (+2 chime each)
Word count total: 11,322
Whym chime: 45
Antares chime: 44

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Whym panted as the elephants fell one by one. Despite her energy in talking, she did have a limit on both her speed and endurance. She winced as she stretched her sore legs. Ouch. That would take a few days to heal. Her left ear perked up when she heard Antares speak, and her expression turned serious when she saw the last elephant standing and trumpeting. “I’m coming!” she tried to shout over the stomping. Not that they could use the domino method anymore, but surely they could do something. She really did not want the elephants to double in number.

As she ran toward Antares and the last elephant, Whym watched as toilet paper (of all objects!) fell from the ceiling and entangled the pink creature. “I’ve got this!” she yelled, before storming over and kicking the elephant in the head, knocking him out. “We did it!”

After hearing Antares’ question on if Whym had managed to drop toilet paper from the ceiling, Whym exclaimed, “That would have been awesome, but I most certainly did not! I think!” She pointed at the wall and concentrated on the image of toilet paper. Nothing occurred, so she concluded that it was not due to her. Pouting slightly, Whym looked around. “What now?” she asked out loud, mostly to herself. However, as soon as she finished the question, there was a rumbling sound, and the ground shook—almost as if the elephants had risen back up and began to stampede.

Luckily, the noise was only from a rising spiral staircase that shot up from the ground. A trapdoor on the ceiling phased into view, and Whym grinned. “We passed!” she cheerfully said. “Yay! Hey, Antares. Do you have any food? I want food. Pizza, actually. Pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and lettuce would be awesome. Oh, oh! I also want basil and extra extra cheese on it. That would be awesome. What’s your favorite pizza? I bet that your tastes are almost as cool as your mane. Speaking of your mane, can I have some of it now, or must I wait until we get out of here? Preferably alive, y’know?”

She kicked open the trap door with her hoof and climbed onto the next floor. After Antares did the same, the door disappeared, leaving the space with a solid ground. “Aww… but hey, we won’t be attacked by random elephants from downstairs! I kind of feel bad for them… when that elephant recovers, he’ll have to admit that he was defeated by a roll of toilet paper!” She glanced around the room, and surprise colored her facial features. “It’s so pretty! And soft!”

Whym jumped on the ground, and the grass seemed to purr under her hooves. “Isn’t this fantastic, Antares?” It was a marshy area, with tall grasses sporadic around, and a giant angry swamp crossed the entire middle section. The walls seemed entirely smooth. The strangest part were the tiles that were scattered across the swamp, creating somewhat of a bridge. “Ooo… they’re so bright! And colorful! What do you think we need to do, Ant?”

Total word count (for this post): 515
Whym: 11863 // 47 chimes [total]
Antares: 11582 // 46 chimes [total]

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