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Welcome to the Quirlicorn’s Forum! We are glad to have you here!
Our goal is to create a safe and warm community for hoarding pretty Quirlicorns, Building Characters, and Building stories together. These Forum Guidelines are the foundation of that, and what every member is expected to follow within the forums to create a safe and fun place to be. These Guidelines apply to all Forums on the Quirlicorns Site.

Forum Guidelines

1. Be Kind to Yourself and to Others.
Everyone starts in a different place with different levels of experience. We are here to learn, build, and create with each other, and help each other, not tear others or ourselves down. Comments should be helpful and build on a topic.

2. Try to Stay on Topic.
While it is easy to sometimes get off topic, please try to remain on-topic for the section of forums you are in.

3. Abuse will not be tolerated.
This includes hate speech, personal attacks, negative comments, or slurs about race, sexual orientation, gender, or religion.

4. Sharing of personal or sensitive information about other uses is prohibited.

5. No violations of Copyrighted material.

6. Keep it PG13
Quirlicorns is a community that welcomes all ages. For this reason we ask you to keep it PG13. This includes no Sexual Content, Extreme Profanity, Gore, Extreme Violence, etcetera.

7. Practice Respect
We are all living human beings with thoughts and feelings. Please be respectful of that while using our Forums.

8. No Spamming topics or messages.

9. Have Fun!
We are all here because we want to enjoy the World of Quirlicorns. So have fun with it!

If you need help feel free to check out our Help Desk~!

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