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September Joust Pas d'Armes

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Astralseed Offline

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Welcome to this months Joust Pas d'Armes Sign up thread!

To sign up for this months Joust Pas d'Armes, please comment below with the following information:
  • Entering with Quirlicorn:  (please include a link to your Quirlicorns log)
  • Magic unlocked:  
  • Other tidbits: (any other information you feel is important for your partner to know about) 
       Deadline Reminders:
  • Sign up Deadline: September 5th, 11:59PM CST
  • Early Entry Deadline: September 18th, 11:59PM CST
  • Submission Deadline: September 30th, 11:59PM CST 
Happy Jousting!

[Image: yd2rufct]
Beep Beep, comin' through!

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AndromedasWitchery Offline

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Entering with Quirlicorn: Ghost https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...547#pid547

Magic unlocked: Regional Transformation 
Other tidbits: Not a warrior, Ghost is generally quiet and shy with new people or in new situations.  When he feels safe or comfortable with you, he's a lot of fun and quite the comedian.  Ghost enjoys collecting gemstones and spending time with the local wildlife.  

"Immagination is the only weapon in the war against reality!"

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baylili00 Offline

Team Daddy
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Entering with Quirlicorn:  479 Quick Draw
Magic unlocked: none
Other tidbits: She loves a good challenge and is always quick to react. She seems to have boundless energy and speed to react. Many are wary of going head on with this mare as she can be quite the forcce to be reconned with.

[Image: ychaaeq7]
Let Chaos Reign

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Lyricanna Offline

Team Daddy
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Entering with Quirlicorn: https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...=lyricanna Isfet
Magic unlocked: Clairvoyance, Terrakinesis, Shadow Manipulation, Air Manipulation
Other tidbits: Isfet likes stirring up trouble, playing pranks and causing other mild forms of chaos. He is curious and often rash.

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Revan-Dawnstar Offline

Team Daddy
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Entering with Quirlicorn:  346 Lunarian
Magic unlocked:  None
Other tidbits: Lunarian loves the moon.  He will go for long flights at night just to be closer to the moon.  He gets along well with almost everyone and is a peaceful soul most of the time.
Has Luna Moth wings but they don't have to be drawn!

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Leliana Offline

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To sign up for this months Joust Pas d'Armes, please comment below with the following information:
  • Entering with Quirlicorn:  1264 Tryne

  • Magic unlocked:  Plant Magics, Weather Manipulation, Illusion

  • Other tidbits: Tryne loves his plants and doesn't really like visitors. He will protect his garden at all costs.

  • He has 2 tails

  • Most up to date image

Huh Error 404: Artist Not Found  Huh

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ScarlettFeather Offline

Junior Member
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DA Account: ScarletFeatherQuill
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  • Entering with Quirlicorn: Enceladus.
  • Magic unlocked: Cryokenisis.
  • Other tidbits: Having lived in complete isolation for so much of his life, he is soft-spoken and a Quirl of little words. Serious and seeming like he hasn't a trace of humor in his body. Rather socially inept which makes what little interactions he has with travelers that happen upon his way after getting lost in blizzards somewhat of an awkward occasion. He is not very sensitive to the emotions of others or proper social cues, so when he does speak, it isn't always a kind word, but he never lies. An earnest, straight shooter kind of fellow who doesn't utter a single superfluous word, but regardless of how coldly he behaves, he still reaches out to those who are in need of shelter from the storms that so often plague his homeland. Be it clear, moonlit nights, or harrowing whiteouts, Enceladus presses onwards undaunted by unpredictable change. In moments of peace, he meditates and hones his magic with careful precision at a beautiful, crystalline pond surrounded by a blanket of fresh, white snow and perpetually frost-covered trees.

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DozingBear Offline

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Entering with Quirlicorn: 704 Crow
Magic unlocked: Echolocation, Healing, Glitched, and Gem Growth
Other tidbits: Crow has a redwing blackbird named Lennon whom he loves--despite the fact that the blackbird is very noisy and grouchy most of the time. Crow is a very friendly sort, and while it's easy for him to get caught up in competition he knows it's all just fun and games meant to help everyone get better with their magic. He would never intentionally hurt anyone.

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men....

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AshTheDreamer Offline

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DA Account: AshTheDreamer
Points: 3,446.53€
Entering with Quirlicorn:  MYO 012 Greed
Magic unlocked:  Smoke Manipulation
Other tidbits: Greed has 3 heads. He likes shiny things and will steal whatever he wants. His temper is short when he doesnt get his way. He's a brat.

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kiinaikit Offline

Team Daddy
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Oh heck, why not, let's give it a go ^^

Entering with Quirlicorn: I049 Debyn'air
Magic unlocked:  Invisibility, Cryokinesis, Gem Growth
Other tidbits: Debs is kind and fearless but not aggressive, she views jousting as good sport and a chance to learn as well as perhaps teach something. Debs would be happy learning about her joust partner as much as actually sparring with them. She has a familiar, Murow who Debs is fond of, they haven't spent much time together, so their relationship is unexplored. The shades of purple on Debs seem to shift and change slightly depending on the light levels of her environment, so go nuts and have fun xD

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