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The Day Magic Died ~ Lore Event ~

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Read about the event HERE

To sign up, reply to this thread with the following information:

  • Quirlicorns Log:  LINK
  • Character Personality: (please list at least a few basic personality traits for this character)
  • Region Preference:  (please list your top 3 region preferences from highest to lowest)
  • Communication preference with your partners: (Discord, DA, Quirlicorn Forum, other)

Arrow Sign up deadline is October 28th, at 11:59PM EST


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  • Quirlicorns Log:  G1818 ASS Goatse
  • Character Personality: Goatse is sweet but shy with a sprinkle of mischievousness.  His alignment is Chaotic Good
  • Region Preference:  Desert, Plains, Windy
  • Communication preference with your partners: Discord, but any other form is also okay 

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Quirlicorns Log: https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...hp?tid=432
Character Personality: Snide and sarcastic, has a soft heart but tries to hide it
Region Preference: Swamp, Desert, Icy
Communication preference with your partners: Discord preferable, but DA is fine too!


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  • Quirlicorns Log:  Hjalmar

  • Character Personality: Loves a good battle and parties that go on well into the night. Hjalmar loves ships and has his own wooden ship which he uses to explore the Icy region. He's very respectful towards all the deities, lesser or greater. He knows his limits, but he's always seeking to better himself and has a kind, noble heart. He can sometimes be a little rough, but he's never intentionally mean. He will always take a stand against anything he sees as unjust, but isn't above breaking the rules to complete his goals. 
    His wolf tattoo has no name, though it does have a personality. It hates being ignored and when no one's around it likes to play hide and seek with Hjalmar. When other people ARE around, it likes to pose regally and drink in the attention and admiration. It's got something of an ego.

  • Region Preference:  Icy, Mountain, Plains 

  • Communication preference with your partners: Discord is preferred (best and fastest way to get a hold of me), but if needed the community forums, DA, and gmail are all things I'm willing to use :3 

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Quirlicorns Log:  Laniakea
Character Personality: Kind of a loner but loves adventure so hes willing to put up with others for the sake of fun. Loves to pull pranks when he has to be around others but tries to keep them tasteful.
Region Preference:  Mountain, Plains, Desert
Communication preference with your partners: Discord


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Quirlicorns Log: https://quirlicorns.com/community/showth...35#pid4635
Character Personality: Adventurous, cold on the outside, sarcastic, straightforward, protective
Region Preference: Mountains, Desert, Icy
Communication preference with your partners: Discord

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  • Quirlicorns Log: Oruka (608)

  • Character Personality: Oruka has a gentle temperament, however, he is not very fond of quirlicorns who live by modern ways. Despite this, he will still do his best to keep interactions polite and not try to offend or hurt anyone, unless his family was harmed.

  • Region Preference:  Icy Region, Swamp Region, Desert Region.

  • Communication preference with your partners: Mainly Discord, but I don't mind using dA or another platform.


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Quirlicorns Log:  2092 Loraphine
Character Personality: Fairly upbeat and energetic, with an idealistic view towards everything. It's definitely evident that she hasn't seen the darker sides to the world yet. She wants to do good in the world, but hasn't found her purpose/calling yet.  
Region Preference:  Windy, Plains, Icy
Communication preference with your partners: Discord preferably, DA or gmail could work 

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[*]Quirlicorns Log:  1946 - Epaphroditos

[*]Character Personality: He thrives in chaos and looks a bit scarier than he actually is. Prefers to only associate with stronger Quirlicorns.

[*]Region Preference:  Desert, Icy, Swamp

[*]Communication preference with your partners: Discord, Google docs, DA, Whatsapp, or Slack, though I'm pretty open to whatever works best.

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Quirlicorns Log: 342 Sherbert Delight
Character Personality: positive, loves to laugh, encouraging
Region Preference:  Windy, Mountain, Plains
Communication preference with your partners: Discord

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