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Magic is a fickle thing. It is prone to embracing the unexpected, and acting in ways one might never understand. Over time, Quirlicorns all across the region have felt a shift in the air, but were unable to place the feeling. As time continued and the Entropy Region came forth, many nodded their heads. Yes, this was what we were feeling, they had decided. 
But there seems to be no end to what can be accomplished with magic. Quirlicorns became demigods, then deities. And in some of those deities hearts, something more stirred. A soft warm glow, tucked deep inside that was nurtured by continued practice and patience, until one day a seed was formed. 
From this seed of magic, tucked somewhere between the heart and soul, came endless possibility. A drop of creation had grown within them. 
It seemed the revelation of a new realm unleashed something in those Quirlicorns, the recipe and magic to create a Realm for themselves. The next step in their journey is just beginning. 

Registering Your Realm

To Register Your Realm please fill out the following form and respond to this thread. An Admin will respond once your information has been registered! 

Upon creating your Realm, you have the ability to create Three Magics that will be exclusive to your Realm. The Requirements for Earning that Magic are up to you! 

A Note About Map Making: For consistency sake it is preferred you use Azgaar's Map Maker to create the map for your Realm. 

To View the Template for Realms see This Link.


Realm Name: 
Realm Keeper Quirlicorn: (Link) 
Proof of Realm: (Link Chime Check Here) 
Map: (Link please, do not use the attach feature)
Realm Magic One: 
-- Magic One Description:
Realm Magic Two:
-- Magic Two Description: 
Realm Magic Three:
-- Magic Three Description: 
Realm Information: This is where you add any relevant information about your Realm that you would like displayed. Things to potentially include: Climate, Social Structure, Etc (for the website) 
Joining the Realm: This is where you add information on how to join your Quirlicorn's Realm, what benefits it may have, if there are any Requirements, etc. 


Realm Updates

To Update information pertaining to your Realm on the Website, please fill out the form below. 

Realm Name: 
Desired Update: 

[Image: 43946337_3JMdherxG8QKHQs.gif]

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