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[CLOSED]Easter 21 Bun Bun Giveaway Raffle

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04/30 Closed.  Roll will be done soon.  I kinda forgot what day it was DOH!

WINNER IS @AshTheDreamer
Video of roll
Transfer thread

The pretty lady is in need of a new home. <3

Has all slots and is essentially a blank slate.

To enter:
Post a reply to this thread.

Status: OPEN
Close date:  04/29/23

[Image: 846_by_quirlicornadmin_deh43v5-fullview....zm0bYBg0BI]

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That is such a fun design!

Entering please!

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[Image: 43946337_3JMdherxG8QKHQs.gif]

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I wanted her so badly <3

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