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Fall Equinox 2023

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Aberfa stood atop one of the highest peaks of the Mountains Region, looking over the land. The Autumn Equinox had arrived, and with it came a sense of change. 
She felt the hearts and minds of the Quirliverse, the weariness of a long year thus far, and in her heart she wanted to bring a sense of togetherness. 
To her side, she called the Group Horses, the ones who learned under each of the deities. 
“This is a time to come together,” Aberfa declared, looking over them all. “For this Equinox, I shall set portals across the realm to bring those who wish to the Mountains Region. Together we shall celebrate life and change, and renew our bonds.” 
Hocus Pocus stepped forward, nearly tripping over her own hooves. “Shall I make treats for everyone?” she asked, orange light glowing with delight in her skull faced eye sockets. 
“That is a wonderful idea!” Aberfa exclaimed. “All shall bring treats and come together for the Harvest Feast. We shall gather and eat, and dance among the moon and magic on this day of balance between light and dark.” 
Murmurs of appreciation were heard among the Group Horses - both for snacks (for Hocus Pocus truly made the best), but also for what offerings might come from those spread across the regions. 
“Go my friends, and reach across the regions. Spread the word that it is time to come together. Bring friends and family, familiars and foes, for together we shall celebrate!” 

Prompt: Depict your Quirlicorn traveling through the portals to the Mountains Region and bringing an offering for the feast. 

All Entries that include Aberfa or any active Group Horse will also receive Aberfa’s Gift “Festival Bonds”
Festival Bonds: Quirlicorns with this magic have the ability to temporarily create a bond between themselves and another willing Quirlicorn that allows them to have a connection over great distances. 

Please remember to Link your Entries Below <3 

Deadline December 2nd

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Finding a Portal

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