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Asoraam-Feire Away

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[Image: ddmbn92-6313a9f7-950f-4d78-8da1-0c6eed08...6y6Tor4k5E]

Owner: @AndromedasWitchery
Previously a Quirlicorn Group Horse

ID: Y495
Name: Hey Now
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Modern Quirlicorn
Color: Pearl Pangare Flaxen Chestnut Markhor
Genos:  ee aa prlprl nP ff MkrMkr
Region: All Regions
Follower of @Jagmeet

Personality: Hey Now is a generally friendly stallion.  He can be a little bit reserved with strangers, but warms up quickly.  Hey Now has a low tolerance for alcohol so generally tries to avoid it.  If you can sneak alcohol into him though, be prepared for him to spill everyone's secrets.  In his spare time he likes to forage for mushrooms.  

Dews: n/a

1st Magic:
2nd Magic:
3rd Magic:
Astral Magic:
Regional Magic:
Group Horse Magic: Cloud Manipulation, Geo-thermokinesis, Healing, Shadow Manipulation, Velocity Manipulation
Other Magic:

Small Familiar:
Large Familiar:
Guardians: Cockatrice C223

Land Owned: n/a

Monthly Incentive: December 2019

Phoenix Touch: n/a

Lineage: Starter

Breeding Slots:
1. StormSoulSeeker
2. IloveWerewolf1 
3. @illumipyre || 2041
4. @Belldejour || 2322
5. @Belldejour || 2358
6. @Bay-Blade || 2642

Cupid's Arrow Slots
1. @LovellaTorendo - 963 Alexis - 2327

Chime Checks:

Breed © Astralseed
Design © @Astralseed

[Image: 25330881_wryNhaexF3cELso.png]

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