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[Image: 557_by_quirlicornadmin_ddqiotc-fullview....J0aLgeKIfA]
Previous Design

Owner: Quirlicorns 

ID: 557
Name: Valentine 
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Ancient Quirlicorn
Color: Twice Blessed Ancient with Color Addition
Genos: [Ee aa nZ GG nRb] nW BlsBls
Region: All Regions 

Personality: Valentine is a grumpy guy. He appears irritated when he's put into situations where he has to socialize with others, but deep down he secretly enjoys their company.  Valentine will lend a helping hand anytime he sees the need arise, though he'll complain about having to help out.  He's an old man stuck in a young and athletic body, often enjoying parkour or other interesting sports.  While Valentine got his name by being a Valentines Day baby, he has no interest in romantic relationships.  He's asexual, but has left donations at the sperm bank.  

Monthly Incentive: Feb 2020

Lineage: Starter

Breeding Slots:

1. @kelpiesummer
2. @ladylirriea
3. @baylili00

Cupid's Arrow
1. @DozingBear arrow from 1700G || 1994

Breed © Astralseed
Design © Astralseed

[Image: Nightime_Banner_Sidra_and_Sulien.gif]

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