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[Image: 548_by_quirlicornadmin_ddqg6yc-fullview....dg_kokK_lU]

Owner: Quirlicorns

ID: 548
Name: Frontier 
Gender: Stallion 
Breed: Modern Quirlicorn
Color: Perlino Tovero Splash Starling
Genos: EE Aa CrCr nT nO nSpl StlStl
Region: All Regions 

Follower of  @Frysil

Personality:  Frontier is a bit of a meathead who can be full of himself.  He enjoys the company of those who will idolize and/or worship him.  He doesn't take criticism well since he believes his shit doesn't stink (spoiler alert - it does!).  Frontier likes being flashy and showing off.  Bright vibrant colors are his favorite and he sometimes looks down on others who dont have these traits.  Not because he doesn't think they are worthwhile, but because it upsets his eyes and ruins the aesthetic he loves.  

Despite all of his less than desirable traits, Frontier is excellent at reading maps and/or general navigation and he enjoys doing search and rescue missions to help get people found and the help they need.  Underneath his vain exterior he's a good guy. 

Dews & Tokens:  

1st Magic: 
2nd Magic: 
3rd Magic: 
Astral Magic: 
Regional Magic: 
Group Horse Magic: Golem Summoning, Illusion, Abacomancy, Echolocation, Deoxygenation 
Other Magic: 
Small Familiar: 
Large Familiar: 
Land Owned: 

Monthly Incentive: February 2020

Phoenix Touch: 

Lineage: Starter

Breeding Slots:
1.@Asoraam-Feire || 1809
2.@Korria1234 || 1930
3. @xxGaea || 2162
4. @xxGaea || 2202

Cupids Arrow Slots:
1. @Aedrielle || 1758
2. @Belldejour to 608 Oruka || 2187
3. @LovellaTorendo to 965 - 2330

Breed © Astralseed
Design © Astralseed 

[Image: 43946337_3JMdherxG8QKHQs.gif]

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